LG 34gk950f-b 34 Review (What We Found)

Are you looking for a monitor for gaming? Were you scrolling through Amazon and found the LG 34gk950f-b 34 monitor and looking for a review?

You’ve come to the right place because, in this post, I’ll be going over an LG 34gk950f-b 34 review.


The LG 34gk950f-b 34 has a resolution of 1440p, 1ms response time and 144herts refresh rate. The thin bezels make it look modern and clean. Most customers on Amazon have been giving it an overwhelming amount of praise.

Curved 34 inch ultra wide

LG 34gk950f-b 34

34 inches is a massive amount of real estate. But it’s not too much to a point where you’re having to move your head.

We all want an immersive experience when gaming. To feel as if we’re in the actual game world. This is where a curved wide monitor helps.

You’re literally surrounded by your game and your entire field of view is almost taken up by a screen.

144herts refresh rate

Going from a standard 60herts monitor to 144herts makes a big difference when gaming. Movements and animations are so much smoother.

Aiming is more precise, so if you’re playing shooters, this is something you need to consider.

If you’ve got a graphics card that was released in the last few years, it’s probably hitting 60fps on your 60hz monitor pretty easily.

This is a huge waster of money because your graphics card can do so much more but the monitor is holding it back.

1440p resolution

1440p is considered the sweet spot resolution from gaming. There’s a massive difference in detail when switching from the standard 1080p to 1440p. And a 1440p resolution won’t completely tank your framerate like a 4K monitor.

If you’re unsure your gaming rig can run games at 144hz at 1440p, just see how it currently does at 1080p.

If it’s constantly hitting 60fps in demanding games like The Witcher 3 at ultra settings. Then it’s probably worth you upgrading monitors.

1ms response time

If you’re into fast pace, twitch shooters then a 1ms response time in your monitor is a must-have.

The response time is measured in milliseconds or MS. It’s simply a delay from your input (mouse/keyboard) to your monitor outputting that input on the screen.

Even the slightest delay can get you killed in games like Overwatch and CS Go. 

5ms is the maximum you’re going to want to go to when considering a monitor. Anything above and you will have ghosting issues.

A 1ms response time is ideal because even if you can’t feel the difference, it’s still having an impact on your game.

Nano IPS

Nano IPS is a fairly recent technology created by LG. With Nano IPS technology, colors look a lot more accurate and there’s more depth. The bright colors look brighter and the darker colors look darker. Giving you a more immersive experience when gaming.

FreeSync 2

Freesync 2 will solve the issue of screen tearing. This is when your graphics card produces more frames than your monitor is able to output and as a result, the image on the screen appears to be cut.

Monitors with FreeSync 2 are also enabled to have lower input latency, resulting in faster reaction times in-game. [1]

Ultra thin bezels

The last thing you want is a monitor with fat, ugly bezels that ruin your setup.

These bezels are ultra thin and pretty much non-existent.

If you plan on having a multi-monitor setup, you need thin bezels and that’s exactly what you’ll find with this monitor.

Adjustable stand

The stand is easy to maneuver. You can adjust the height, swivel, and tilt. 

What customers have to say about the LG 34gk950f-b 34

Customers have been saying how this monitor is a near perfect balance of price, performance, and features. It’s one of the most competitively designed and priced monitors on the market today. You can use it for both work and play. It doesn’t matter if your playing games, watching movies, programming or editing photos.

This monitor can handle all the tasks you throw at it. Users have said they went out of their way to buy another one of these for a dual setup, that’s how good it is. The display is gorgeous and the games are breathtaking. You’re getting value with this item.



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