LG 34gl750-b 34 Review (Honest Review)

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Looking for an LG 34gl750-b 34 review?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post.

You were probably searching for a gaming monitor on Amazon and are wondering if this monitor is worth your money.

Let’s get into this…


The LG 34gl750-b 34 monitor is a budget styled monitor geared towards gamers. It has a 144hz refresh rate, 34 inch curved screen, and a 1ms response time. With its 2560 X 1080p IPS panel, it brings out a lot of detail.

Curved wide 34 inch

Do you want to be fully immersed in your video games?

Of course, you do, who doesn’t?

With a curved 34 inch display, it’s almost like your monitor is hugging you. Your field of view is pretty much taken by the stunning panel.

There’s plenty of screen to play your games and have a Hell of a time with it.

If you like to play games like League of Legends, a wide monitor will completely change the game for you.

It’s like a cheat that’s allowed in game. You’ll get to see enemies before they see you. And how many gamers have a widescreen monitor?

Not many, so you’re getting an unfair advantage. This unfair advantage also applies to first person shooters.


If you’re planning on playing competitive online games, then a 144hz monitor is a must-have.


Herts or Hz for short is how many frames your monitor can output per second.

If you have a standard monitor that outputs 60Hz, you won’t see an enemy coming at you as fast as a 144Hz monitor.

This won’t make you the best gamer of all time of course. The majority of the time it depends on your own skills.

However, you will be able to see the benefits instantly when switching from 60Hz to 144Hz.

The mouse transitions are a lot smoother and your aiming will be a lot more precise. Even when browsing in Windows, you’ll be able to feel the difference.


A 1ms response time is a must if you’re competitively gaming.

The millisecond or MS is the time from when you input something via your mouse/keyboard and how long it takes for your display to render that output.

If you have a high MS then it’s going to make your gaming experience a nightmare. 

1ms is the lowest response time you can currently get in a gaming monitor. I would say between 1ms – 5ms is where the average person can’t notice and input delay.

But with that said, the lower MS you have the better, even if you can’t feel the difference. The difference may be seen on the screen without you noticing.

1080p IPS panel

Now, this monitor won’t blow you away with its resolution but it’s still pretty damn good.

If you currently game on a standard TN panel and switch to IPS, you can very easily see the difference.

With an IPS panel, colors have a lot more depth to them. Bright colors are even brighter and the darker colors are deeper.

When you look at a standard TN panel VS an IPS panel, the TN panel’s colors look washed out.

FreeSync and G-sync compatible

This monitor is compatible with both FreeSync and G-sync. 

What does this mean?

This means when you’re gaming and your graphics card outputs more frames than your monitor can display, the image splits into 2.

This is known as screen tearing.

With G-sync/FreeSync, this problem is solved.

HDR10 compatible

HDR10 allows for brighter and deeper colors. A higher contrast and an accurate color representation.

Colors just POP a lot more and give you a more immersive experience.

Modern design

The last thing you want is a hideous looking monitor in your gaming setup that you’ve worked so hard on.

You’ll be pleased to know this monitor has a slim, sleek design. The bezels are thin and so is the overall monitor.

Height adjustable stand

It’s super easy to adjust the stand on this monitor and get it at your optimal viewing angle.


Monitors have been advancing a lot and have been getting a lot cheaper. Even with all the features this monitor has, it comes in at a very affordable price.

What customer have to say about the LG 34gl750-b 34

People have been raving how brilliant this monitor is. One reviewer said they switched from their 4K 60hz monitor to this 1080p 144hz monitor. He mentioned how the resolution reduction wasn’t that dramatic and upgrading to 144hz easily made the switch worth it.

Reviewers are mentioning how it exceeded their expectations and they were blown away considering how affordable it is. G-sync makes gaming on this monitor a joy and you’re able to play games buttery smooth frame rates.



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