24 Best Must have PC Gaming Accessories (2020)

Must have PC gaming accessories

Are you looking for the best must have PC gaming accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be going over some pretty cool gaming setup accessories which will improve your overall gaming experience.

Let’s get straight into this…

Gaming monitor
    High quality headset
      Gaming mouse
        Gaming keyboard
          Air purifier
                Big mouse pad
                  Gaming glasses
                    Foot rest
                      Magnetic headset mount
                          LED strips
                            Mouse Bungee
                                Elgato Stream Deck
                                  Fighting stick
                                    Mini gaming couch
                                      Sound proof boards
                                        Desk cup holder
                                          Dusting gloves
                                            USB hub

                                              1. Gaming monitor

                                              MSI 32 Full HD RGB LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms
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                                              A monitor will have the biggest impact when it comes to your gaming experience. So don’t skip this…

                                              …We’ve decided to go with a 1440p monitor. You’ll instantly be able to see the difference. Colors are brighter and the darker colors are deeper. 

                                              Giving you a more accurate graphical representation. If you love graphics, a 1440p monitor is a must.

                                              This has a refresh rate of 144hz. Users have reported a dramatic increase in smoothness when switching from 60hz to 144hz. 

                                              Because of the high refresh rate, you’ll be able to see things sooner and because of that you’ll be able to react quicker.

                                              This monitor has a response rate of 1ms. This simply means there’s not going to be any delay from your mouse/keyboard/controller input to what’s happening on-screen.

                                              Have you heard of FreeSync? 

                                              Simply put, FreeSync makes your games smoother and prevents screen tearing. 

                                              You see, when your graphics card is producing more frames than your monitor can output, the game starts to stutter and looks like the picture has split into 2.

                                              2. High quality headset

                                              HyperX Cloud Flight
                                              Check Price of the High quality headset

                                              If you’re looking to immerse yourself into a game or really want to win a match, then you need a high quality gaming headset.

                                              If you’ve read our other guides, you know that we mention HyperX headsets all the time.


                                              Because they’re super comfortable and have awesome sounding audio.

                                              This headset has super plush but firm memory foam which cradles your ears nicely. 

                                              When you remove them after a long gaming session, your ears won’t feel sore or ache. 

                                              The top of the headset is also covered by foam and won’t leave you with a headache.

                                              The sound is fantastic! Bullets shooting past you and attacks have a nice bass to it and vocals are crystal clear.

                                              It’s also wireless, allowing for 30 hours of gameplay time. That’s more than enough for the most hardcore gamers. 

                                              There’s a detachable noise cancelling headphone which is fantastic. 

                                              You’re not going to sound like Ed Sheeran with it on but your voice goes through clear and it reduces background noise.

                                              3. Gaming mouse

                                              Cooler Master mm711 60G Glossy White Gaming Mouse
                                              Check Price of the Gaming mouse

                                              A top gaming mouse is a must for your PC. 

                                              We’ve gone with a gaming mouse with a massive DPI of 16,000. 

                                              This allows for your mouse movements to be picked up accurately and allows for great precision.

                                              The honeycomb design allows for gaps throughout your hand, allowing air to get through and cools your hand.

                                              It’s lightweight and durable. 

                                              The cable is incredibly lightweight, it reduces cable pull and prevents any stutter a wire can bring when gliding. 

                                              This mouse is only 60g in weight! So your hand won’t feel fatigued when gaming.

                                              Your hand will fit nicely over the mouse. Providing comfort and precision. 

                                              If this wasn’t enough, you can easily change the colors with its downloadable software. 

                                              So if you want a deadly combat machine, we’d highly recommend this mouse.

                                              4. Gaming keyboard

                                              Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard
                                              Check Price of the Gaming keyboard

                                              So we’ve just talked about a gaming mouse but how about a gaming keyboard? They’re just as important.

                                              We’ve gone with a high quality and anti-ghosting keyboard. When you press a key, the action is going to appear instantly on-screen, without delay. 

                                              This feature will make a massive difference in-game.

                                              The key presses are responsive, tactile, and satisfying. You’ll be pleased to know the key presses are quiet. 

                                              So you won’t be annoying yourself every time you game or annoying the person at the other end of the mic.

                                              We all want our setup to look cool, that’s why this is fully customizable when it comes to lighting. 

                                              There are 10 preconfigured settings to choose from.

                                              There are 6 reprogrammable keys on the left side of this keyboard. You can remap them to whatever you like.

                                              It also comes with dedicated multimedia controls. So you can adjust things like your volume without interrupting your game.

                                              This comes with a comfortable wrist rest. Preventing fatigues and allowing you to game comfortably and for longer.

                                              So if you’re looking for a gaming keyboard that comes with all the best gaming features at an affordable price, look no further.

                                              5. Air purifier

                                              LEVOIT Air Purifier
                                              Check Price of the Air purifier

                                              Like the overwhelming majority of us, when we game, we end up stinking out the room. 

                                              We don’t realise but there’s actually a lot of airborne bacteria that can be incredibly harmful. Also, dust, mold, pet fodder, and toxins.

                                              For me, my health is a top priority and it should be the same for you. No one wants to feel like crap after a long gaming session. 

                                              That’s why an air purifier is a must. We need the air we breathe to be pure in-order to feel good.

                                              That’s why we’ve gone with an air purifier to stop you from having that nutorious video game crash.

                                              This air purifier has 4 built-in filters.

                                              1. Original filter (For multipurpose coverage)
                                              2. Pet allergy filter (Helps prevent your animal allergies from starting)
                                              3. Toxin absorber filter (Gets rid of smoke and smog)
                                              4. Mold and bacteria filter (prevents moisture from building up and molding your walls)

                                              This is pretty much silent with a sleep mode of only 24db. 

                                              So when you’re gaming you can rest easy knowing you’re not going to be distracted and neither are the people on the other side of your mic.

                                              Filters have to be replaced every few months and these ones are some of the most affordable out there. 

                                              The manufacturers have made it super easy to know if a filter needs changing because the color will start to change.

                                              If you want to game whilst feeling fresh and productive and in a non-smelly environment, we highly recommend this.

                                              The only downside to this is some users have reported a plasticy smell for a few hours after they turned it on for the first time. But after that, the plastic smell faded.

                                              6. Webcam

                                              Logitech BRIO
                                              Check Price of the Webcam

                                              Plan to stream on Twitch?

                                              Then you need to create a more intimate experience with your viewers. That’s why we’d recommend getting a webcam and recording your face.

                                              But not any webcam… we recommend the Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam. It records in stunning 4K and will capture your face beautifully. 

                                              This is great in any lighting and automatically adjusts the contrast to consistently display a clear picture.

                                              It’s all about eye candy these days, that’s one reason why streamers get an increase in their following. Upgrading your hardware can kick-start your streaming career.

                                              7. Headlamp

                                              GearLight LED Headlamp
                                              Check Price of the Headlamp

                                              Let’s face it, when we’re fixing or upgrading our PC, a screw always gets lost in there. 

                                              It’s rattling all over the place and you need to find it before it shorts something out.

                                              That’s why we’re including a simple headlamp. This head lamp is bright, long lasting, lightweight, and comfortable. 

                                              The best part? It’s cheap and you get 2 of them.

                                              8. Big mouse pad

                                              RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
                                              Check Price of the Big mouse pad

                                              A big mouse pad can make a big difference (no pun intended). 

                                              Mouse pads allow for better tracking from your mouse. It’ll pick up the sensor a lot better and you’ll be more accurate.

                                              And it just makes your setup look cooler. Especially the one we went with which lights up.

                                              This gaming mouse pad has 14 lighting modes, 8 static light modes, and synchronizing breathing. 

                                              It has an anti-slip rubber base, preventing it from crunching up when rapidly moving your mouse.

                                              The large size makes sure it can occupy both your keyboard and mouse without running out of space when gliding.

                                              It’s easy to use. There are no drivers or software to install. Just plug it in and play.

                                              9. Gaming glasses

                                              ision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading
                                              Check Price of the Gaming glasses

                                              We’ve mentioned health a few times in this post and we’re going to mention it again. Health is your number one priority.

                                              And we can’t mention health without gaming glasses.

                                              So what are gaming glasses? 

                                              Gaming glasses simply block the blue light screens produced.

                                              This in-turn reduces fatigue, eye itching, helps promote better sleep, reduces headaches, etc.

                                              We’ve mentioned these gamer glasses in other posts and we’re going to recommend them again. 

                                              The glasses do all the things gamer glasses should do. It blocks the blue light and protects your precious eyes.

                                              If you’re afraid of these glasses distorting colors, don’t be. You’ll notice little to no difference when gaming. 

                                              The frame is durable and made from a high quality plastic. So if you drop them, they probably won’t break (unless you drop them hard of course!)

                                              You only have one set of eyes during your life, so make sure to protect them.

                                              10. Foot rest

                                              Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest Under Desk
                                              Check Price of the Foot rest

                                              If you currently don’t use a foot rest, I can’t begin to explain how much you’re missing out.

                                              The feet are always neglected when it comes to comfortability. Make sure to do them a favor by getting them this foot rest.

                                              It’s made out of memory foam which cradles the feet well and allows them to rest. 

                                              The bottom is made out of a non-slip material which prevents this from moving all over the place.

                                              There’s also a lifetime replacement guarantee. So if anything goes wrong, you can just get a replacement.

                                              You’ll be pleased to know this foot rest will last you for many years to come.

                                              11. Magnetic headset mount

                                              Magnetic headset mount
                                              Check Price of the Magnetic headset mount

                                              You need somewhere to hang your headset, and the best way to do it is with a magnetic headset.

                                              It’s a square that splits into 2 which allows you to hang more things. The design is simple yet incredibly effective.

                                              The magnet is powerful and this allows you to hang your bulky headsets. 

                                              In-between the square is a slit which you can put your cable through, Making everything look clean.

                                              Speaking of clean, this is super easy to clean and will last for many years.

                                              12. Cable manager

                                              Cable Management Tray
                                              Check Price of the Cable manager

                                              For some reason, PC gamers always overlook cable management. 

                                              Doesn’t it drive them crazy when they see cables all over the place? 

                                              Well, if you’re like me, cables all over the place ruins your gaming experience and makes you go nuts.

                                              We’ve gone with a quick and easy cable management solution. This won’t make all your wires look sleek but instead, takes the bulk of the issue away.

                                              This is an under desk cable management solution. You simply mount this under your desk and bunch on the wires.

                                              It’s easy to install and has lots of space for your bulky power bricks. There are plenty of length options for your exact desk size. 

                                              This has a clean, modern look and will not be an eyesore, especially when it’s under your desk.

                                              Cable Management Tray

                                              If you’re looking to make your cables look sleeker, we recommend some basic, reusable velcro ties.

                                              They’re durable, look minimal, so they won’t make your cables stand out and are durable.

                                              You can get these super cheap.

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              Cable Clips

                                              If you’re going to be allowing cables onto your desk like chargers, an on desk cable separator and holder is a must. 

                                              It’s super easy to install, simply take the adhesive tape off and stick it onto your desk. 

                                              You can then proceed to put your cables through.

                                              This is made from a solid silicone material and built to last. It sticks on all surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass, etc.

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              13. Speakers

                                              Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers
                                              Check Price of the Speakers

                                              Sometimes it’s nice to take off the headphones and turn up the speakers. There’s just something so immersive with a solid set of speakers. 

                                              We’ve gone with one of the highest rated desktop speakers out there. There are so many positive reviews and for good reason.

                                              Everything sounds rich and crystal clear. When there are explosions and bullets flying by, this gives you that bit of UMPH! Really immersing you into games.

                                              There are built-in dials which allow you to precisely adjust the sound. 

                                              You can adjust the power of the bass and the mid ranges. 

                                              However you’d like your games to sound, these speakers will give you the customization option.

                                              14. LED strips

                                              GUSODOR LED Strip Lights RGB Strips

                                              We can’t talk about PC gaming accessories without mentioning LED lighting. Without LED lighting, your setup won’t truly feel complete.

                                              We’ve gone with a set of smart LED strips. These strips can easily be controlled by an app. 

                                              There are 16 million colors for you to choose from. 

                                              It has a built-in sensitivity mode which allows you to create a romantic/relaxing/party ambiance with the change of the beat or microphone. Now that’s smart!.

                                              You can also dim these lights in-case you’re sensitive to light. 

                                              There’s also a timer switch that sets appropriate colors and brightness as the day/night goes on.

                                              If you’re clumsy like me and end up spilling water in every nook and cranny, you’ll be pleased to know these are waterproof.

                                              So if you’re looking to take your setup to the next level, we’d highly recommend these smart LEDs.

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                                              15. Mouse Bungee

                                              Gaming Mouse Bungee

                                              You’re probably thinking what on Earth is a mouse bungee?

                                              A mouse bungee simply allows your mouse cord to be drag free.


                                              … I know you’re thinking this item is completely useless and you don’t need it. 

                                              Well you’re not alone, hundreds of others thought the same until they tried it. Now they can’t play without it. I’d highly recommend you check out the reviews.

                                              This is a simple but powerful essential for your gaming experience. 

                                              Stop fighting your mouse and focus all your energy on the enemies. That’s exactly what this will do for you.

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              16. Controller

                                              AmazonBasics Xbox One

                                              Do you intend on playing action games like The Witcher 3, Devil May Cry etc?

                                              Then you need a controller.

                                              We’ve gone with an Amazon Basic Xbox One controller.  

                                              Xbox controllers are known to easily break and after going through a bunch of different controllers, we found this is the most reliable.

                                              You get a 1 year warranty. So if something suddenly stops working, you can easily get a replacement.

                                              It’s the classic Xbox one with all the functionalities but more reliable.

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              17. Elgato Stream Deck

                                              Elgato Stream Deck

                                              If you plan on streaming, this accessory is going to make your life so much easier.

                                              Whilst you’re in-game and streaming, your hands are full and you don’t have time or space to be minimizing things. 

                                              You also don’t remember certain key presses to activate certain actions.

                                              And this is exactly where this accessory comes in…

                                              …You can tie actions and apps to the buttons on this device. 

                                              Just one touch of a button can change, scenes, launch media, switch cameras, tweak lighting, adjust audio, post tweets, and pretty much anything you’d like.

                                              You can also see what’s going on visually with the buttons as they have icons that you can recognise. So you won’t be guessing which button does what.

                                              So if you’re looking to relieve yourself of stress, headspace and keep your hands free, you need this.

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                                              18. Fighting stick

                                              Mayflash F300 Arcade Fight Stick Joystick

                                              Do you play fighting games like Injustice, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter etc? Then why not get a fighting stick?

                                              Bring back that classic retro arcade experience into your gaming setup.

                                              We’ve gone with an affordable fight stick which is suited for beginners and experienced users a-like. 

                                              The joystick feels good to play with and the buttons are tactile. Providing you with a good amount of feedback and it’s highly satisfying.

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              19. Mini gaming couch

                                              Gaming at your desk is awesome but it can get uncomfortable, no matter how great your chair is. Sometimes you just want to sink into your couch and chill there.

                                              And that’s exactly where this product comes in…

                                              …this allows you to put your mouse and keyboard on your lap and stay comfortable. 

                                              This won’t take up too much room or make you feel closed-in. 

                                              It has a lag free 5m cable so you don’t need long mouse and keyboard wires or move yourself right next to your screen. 

                                              You also get 4 extra USB ports, allowing you to easily connect other devices. 

                                              Now you’re probably thinking there are going to be a bunch of wires everywhere. But there’s an internal cable management system! 

                                              So you can game without any mess or tying yourself up in wires. 

                                              This is made from leather and memory foam to cushion your arms and overall, keep you super-duper comfortable.

                                              This is a must-have for any PC gamer out there.

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              21. Sound proof boards

                                              Acoustic Foam

                                              Do you game in a small room? Do you shout a lot and put your speakers on max? 

                                              Then you need some sound proof boards. Sound proof boards get rid of any echoes and stop you from disturbing your neighbours and family.

                                              We’ve picked out a simple, affordable, and effective sound proof board.

                                              These are thick and will prevent sound from bouncing around the room. 

                                              It’s also going to help reduce the amount of sound which gets through. Your neighbours will appreciate this.

                                              They have a minimalist look to them and won’t be an eyesore. These are quality at a cheap price.

                                              If you’re looking for sound proof panels that absorb noise like a sponge absorbing water, look no further. 

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              22. Desk cup holder

                                              Desk Side Bottle Cup Stand

                                              The last thing you want is to be spilling drinks all over your expensive equipment. 

                                              That’s why you need a desk cup holder.

                                              It’s strong, sturdy, and clamps to the side of your desk. So even if you do end up spilling your drink, you know it won’t touch any of your stuff. 

                                              It’s a nice way to tidy up your desk and keep it clean. 

                                              Rest assured, this can hold the temperature of your drinks, no matter if they’re cold or really hot. 

                                              This will hold your drink securely, be it a big or small cup.

                                              Attach it to your desk and your spilling days are over!

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              23. Dusting gloves

                                              Dusting Cleaning Gloves

                                              I don’t know about you but for me, everytime I wake up and go to my desk, there’s a bunch of dust everywhere. 

                                              And I just swipe my hand over it or use some tissue paper to get rid of it.

                                              Instead of using your precious skin, put on these dusting gloves and then start wiping around your setup.

                                              No liquids or spray needed, just put them on and go to town. This glove fits most people because the material expands. 

                                              But there are multiple size options just to be safe.

                                              These are easy to wash and won’t rip easily, They’re pretty thick and still allow you to wipe around small places like your keyboard.

                                              Make sure your setup doesn’t get dusty and grimy.

                                              CHECK PRICE

                                              24. USB hub

                                              USB HUB

                                              You can never have too many USB ports. These days our devices are taking up so many USB ports, it’s nice to have a few extra just in case.

                                              We’ve gone with a simple and affordable USB hub. There are 4 ports and LEDs for each one so you know if it’s on. 

                                              They’re USB 3.0 connectors which allows for fast transfer speeds.

                                              It’s easy to set up and there’s no installation. Just plug it in and you’re good to go.

                                              Also, you can attach this somewhere with a little bit of adhesive tape or velcro.

                                              CHECK PRICE


                                              So those were the best must have PC gaming accessories.


                                              Which accessories should I get to get better at gaming on my tablet?
                                              What gaming setup stuff would you recommend?
                                              Which League of Legends accessories should I get?