16 Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Accessories [Lite/Original]

Are you looking for the best Nintendo Switch gaming accessories?

Well you’ve come to the right place. 

In this post, we’ll be going over the best gear for both the Switch Lite and the original.

Some of the gear in this guide will be cheap and some more on the expensive side.

Let’s get straight into this…


So the Nintendo Switch not coming with a proper console controller out of the box was a bummer. 

Sure, the controller is decent but it’s not as good as an Xbox or PlayStation controller. 

If feels like you’re messing around with Lego at times…

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Check Price of the Pro Controller


If you’re like me, your hands tend to get cramped up after long hours of play with the in-box controller. 

Something that feels really comfortable to hold is the Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

With them, you can fully wrap your hands around and not have to curl your hands up because of the limited room.

 You’ll be pleased to know this gives you that full-on console experience. 

The controller cradles your hands nicely and all of the buttons, triggers, and analog sticks are easily accessible.

Solid build

Keeping with the whole console experience, this has a solid build quality. 

With the out of the box controller, you can hear the plastic creaking which makes it feel cheap and flimsy. 

You don’t have that problem with this controller. It’ll last for years to come.

30 hours approximately of battery life

On average you’ll at least get 30 hours of playtime from a full charge. 

Which is plenty of time for multiple gaming sessions without needing a charge.


2. Carrying case

Check Price of the Carrying case

Lots of room

There’s plenty of room to fit your console, dock, joy-con and grip, pro controller, 18 game cartridges, AC adapter, joy-con strap, and HDMI cable.

All of these items will fit within this case. 

These interior slots will hold your items securely and nothing will be hanging loose. 

The interior is also soft so you won’t have any of your items scratched.

Protect your Switch

This case is made from a hard shell, so if you drop it or get it caught in-between a door, it won’t be crushed. 

It’s dust proof, so no dust or crumbs will make their ways through this and dirty your Switch. 

It’s also waterproof, so if you’re taking it out in the rain or drop it in the puddle, the water won’t make it through.

Easy to carry

There’s a handle for you to pick this up from as well as a hook so you can lock it to something. 

So when you take it with you, it won’t feel like you’re lugging something heavy.

3. Slim Hard Shell Case

Check Price of the Slim Hard Shell Case

If you’re not going to be needing your docking station, controller, and just the Switch but want a case, look no further…


This will hold your Switch along with the controls attached, and 10 game cartridges. 

All in a super compact case. It’s probably the most portable case you’re going to find or at least from our research. 

If you’re just going for a quick trip and want to bring your Switch along, this is a gear accessory.


This is drop resistant because of it’s solid hard shell case. 

Even with its incredibly compact design, you can drop this and rest easy knowing you haven’t damaged anything.


If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit of a moron and end up spilling things all over your electronics. 

And if you do and have this case on, don’t worry, it’s waterproof.


4. Gaming grip

Check Price of the Gaming grip


I don’t know about you but long hours of play on the Switch make my hands up. 

They start cramping up and aching. That’s why a grip like this is a must. 

You can easily wrap your hands around it and comfortably access all the buttons you need. 

The triggers and analog sticks are also very easy to access. If you’re tired of aching hands, you need to consider this.

Anti scratch

When you place your Switch into this, it’s a smooth installation and the material is high quality. 

You don’t have to worry about anything scratching.

5. Nintendo Joy-con grips

Check Price of the Nintendo Joy-con grips

Comfortable hard grip

if you’re playing games that require just one joy-con, it can be a terrible experience. 

You’re trying to wrap both hands around it when the joy-con simply isn’t big enough. 

This causes a lot of pain and fatigue in the fingers and wrists. 

The grip is made from a hard rubber so you can squeeze it without bending it.

Scratch free

With a lot of joy-con grips, the inside is plastic. 

This is terrible because it can easily scratch your joy-cons. 

However, these grips have rubber both on the inside and outside. 

So you won’t be scratching them no matter how many times you put them in and take them out.

Protect your joy-cons

Because of the rubber material, if you drop them, they’ll be protected.


You won’t be spending a bunch of money on these. You can get 2 of these at a cheap price.

Memory card

Check Price of the Memory card

6. SanDisk 256GB

If you’ve only got a small memory card, you need to upgrade it to a 256gb card.


Because you’re eventually going to run out of space. 

So instead of going through the headache and transferring your save files, just get a big memory card and never do it.

These cards are inexpensive so you won’t be spending much. 

Especially when you compare it to its competitor, the PS Vita. 

Let’s face it, the Switch completely destroyed that console.

Bluetooth controller adapter

Check Price of the Wireless Controller Adapter

7. Wireless Controller Adapter

Compatible with multiple controllers

If you can’t afford a dedicated pro controller right now, you should consider this Bluetooth adapter. 

It allows you to connect your PS4, PS3, or Wii controller to your Switch. 

This way you can have a much better controller without spending much.

No lag

When you connect this to your Switch, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no lag. 

As soon as you press something on your controller, the action will instantly appear on the Switch. 

I’ve personally had controllers that lagged and it was a nightmare playing games.

Easy setup

Simply plug this into your Switch, turn your controller on, and you can start gaming. 

If you’re having a connection issue, simply update the adapter.


This handy little gadget is surprisingly affordable. 

You don’t have to spend lots more money if you’re looking to improve your gaming experience.


Check Price of the Tower Holder

8. Tower Holder

If you’re looking for a dedicated space to store your Switch and some games, look no further.

Store your items

With this, you can easily store your docking station with the Switch in, 4 controllers, and 10 games. 

This way you’re using less space and doing more at the same time. 

When people see this, they know you’re serious about gaming.

Easy to use

This is incredibly easy to assemble. It’ll only take a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Quality materials

The materials used here are wear resistant, durable, and will protect your items. 

You’ve spent a lot of money on your Switch setup, so why not get a dedicated space for it?

9. Basic cartridge storage

Check Price of the Basic cartridge storage

Plenty of room

There’s enough room here for you to store a whopping 24 games. 

This will free a lot of space on your shelves if that’s what you’re looking to do. 

You can easily pop these in and out without damaging anything. There are also slots for memory cards.


This is 1 inch thick, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches tall. 

Making it super easy to fit this in your pockets. You can easily take an entire library of games on the go.


These plastic storage devices are cheap and cheerful. You can get a bunch at a low cost.


Check Price of the charger

10. Car charger

If you’re constantly on the go, driving around the place, and want to play on your Switch, a high speed car charger is a must. 

This is a durable 6 foot cable that allows for fast charging. It’s compact and portable. 

After you’re done with it, you can place it aside for you to use another time. 

It’s a simple accessory but one that can make all the difference.

After, the Switch is useless if it can’t be charged.

11. Portable charger

Check Price of the Portable charger

Attaches to your Switch

What you’re going to love about this charger is how there are no loose cables or lugging around. 

You can easily attach this to your Switch via a clip and start charging it. 

It’s super lightweight and small. So it won’t add much weight.

Quick 4 hours of charge

This little device will inject an extra 4 hours of gameplay time for you. 

So if you’re enjoying going through a game and the battery is about to die… simply attach this and keep going.

Short-circuit protection

This will protect your Switch by preventing any short-circuits. 

Protecting you from overcharging and overheating which can kill your device.

180 day warranty

If something happens to this, there is an easy 30 day money back guarantee. 

And 180 days of warranty. Giving you plenty of time to try this out and see if you like it.

Graphics Booster

Check Price of the Graphics Booster

12. mClassic: Plug and Play Graphics Processor

If you enjoy playing games like Doom but hate the fact they’re heavily downgraded and stutter because of the low FPS, you NEED this…

Inject more power

This USB looking device will give you a noticeable difference in games. 

There will be an improvement when it comes to graphics and frame rate. 

With Doom, there’s a frame rate issue, you can help reduce that by using this device to inject some extra frames so you won’t notice any lag. 

You can also upscale games to 1440p and 4k. It injects anti-aliasing which smoothes out images. 

It increases the depth of field, allowing you to see further into the distance.

Plug and play

It’s super easy to use. Here’s how you do it: Plug it in and then play! That’s all there is to it.

Compatible with many consoles

One of the reasons why so many people love this is because it’s not just compatible with the Switch. 

You can use this with your PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox console, and many retro consoles. 

You can finally make those old, 480p games feel modern again.

Critiques have spoken

This device was crowdfunded and has been rigorously tested.

 Major sites like Cnet, PC Mage, Tech Report, and many more have reviewed this. 

Saying they absolutely love this!.

Do you want to inject more horsepower into your Nintendo Switch?

Joystick grips

Check Price of the Pokemon grips

13. Pokemon grips

Add grip

If you’re playing more intense games and tend to sweat, these will help with that. 

Your fingers won’t slip from the controller and will always stay where you placed them. 

Saving you those crucial seconds when playing fast style games.


Being made from silicon, your hands will rest on them comfortably and won’t become sore after use.


This is made from 100% safe, quality silicon. 

No hard will occur to your hands or children if they play. Because no toxic materials were used.

Comes with extras

You get 2 extra pairs of thumb grips. These have more height to them which is great. 

More height allows you to be more accurate when aiming in my experience and many gamers.


Check Price of the Zelda skin

14. Zelda skin

If you’re like me, you weren’t a huge fan of the way the Switch looked. It doesn’t look ugly or anything close to it. 

It just doesn’t blow you away, that’s all. If you want to add some personality, why not get this Zelda skin?

It looks stunning. The color scheme goes well across the different pieces of the device. 

Including the dock and joy-sticks.

This skin is scratch resistant and built to last. It’s easy to install and allows for easy access to all the buttons. 

If you decide to take it off, you’ll be pleased to know it leaves no residue.

15. Pokemon skin

Check Price of the Pokemon skin

Yet another skin to choose from are the Pokemon skins. 

There are multiple Pokemon skins for you to choose from. 

Once you’ve found the one you like, just install it which is super easy to do with these skins. 

If you decide to remove this, there’s no residue. 

Not only does this make your Switch look better but a skin can also protect it.

Racing wheel

Check Price of the Racing wheel

16. Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel Twin Pack

If you enjoy playing racing games like Mario Kart, this is a must have accessory for your Switch.

It’s super easy to use, simply insert your joy-stick into the wheel and you’re good to go.

These come in pairs, so when you purchase one, you’ll get 2 wheels. 

When you’re taking the joy-stick in and out of the wheel, they won’t get scratched.

There’s an LED built into the wheel which allows you to see which player you are. 

You’ll easily be able to use the SL and SR shoulder buttons at the back.

Once it’s in, it’s in. You can hold it upside down, jump up and down, and it won’t come out. 

Unless you release it yourself.

Users love how enjoyable racing games are now that they’ve got this wheel.

What should I look for before getting a gaming accessory for my Switch?

Will it improve my gaming experience?

Afterall, the reason why we consider purchasing an accessory is to improve our gaming experience. 

Will a skin improve my gaming experience? 

A skin won’t make you better at a game or more comfortable when gaming. 

But it will make your setup look better. Which in turn can improve your overall gaming experience. 

Afterall, we feel better when gaming in a place we feel is comfortable.

Will it last?

You need to ask yourself, will this item last? You want something that is built to last for a long time. 

Sure some things won’t last as long as others. 

For example, a joystick grip probably won’t last as long as a memory card. 

But it shouldn’t because your hands are always on the joystick and the memory card is safe in your device. 

If you’re going to spend money on something, you want it to last. It’s better for you to stop yourself from buying something that will not last. 

And instead, save up for something that will last you an appropriate amount of time. 

Make sure to check out reviews and see what others are saying.


If you’re going to buy an accessory, why not a good looking one? 

Afterall, we spend a lot of time gaming, why not have some eye candy in there? 

If you have a color scheme going on in your setup, it’s worth considering getting an accessory that compliments that color scheme. 

If you’re like me, you love having accessories that look good. 

Sure, they don’t add to the functionality but it just makes them more special.


So those were the very best Nintendo Switch gaming accessories out there.

We believe these were the items that would enhance your gaming experience, protect your device, and make it look better.