Philips 226E9QDSB Review

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The Philips 226e9qdsb is an all-round solid monitor for gamers and casual use. It has a 1080p IPS, display, 22 inch size, includes freesync, and comes in at an affordable price.

22 inch


22 inches is probably the most popular screen size for gaming monitors. WHY? Because many competitive gamers consider it the sweet spot. If you’re playing on a big screen, it’s going to cover a lot of your field of view. Your attention will be all over the place. But with a smaller screen, your attention is centered in one place. Your eyes can easily catch small movements. 


What is Freesync? Freesync allows for a smoother gaming experience. It also gets rid of screen tearing. You see, when your graphics card outputs more frames than your monitor can display, your games will start to stutter. You’ll also experience screen tearing. Simply put, screen tearing is the appearance of 2 split images on the screen. It almost looks like the image has been sliced in half.

1080p IPS display

I’m going to be 100% honest here… A lot of PC gamers are transitioning to 1440p and that’s starting to become the new standard for PC gamers. However, it can be a pretty pricy upgrade. If you don’t have the money for 1440p, 1080p is still a fantastic option, especially when its paired with IPS technology.

IPS can really help bring out the POP in your games. Bright colors look bright and darker shades of color look deeper. Some 1080p monitors can look washed out but an IPS panel will bring the colors back to life. And that’s what you can expect from this monitor. You’ll still be able to experience the graphics in 1080p. I remember when I played the Witcher 3 on my 1080p IPS monitor and it looked stunning. I certainly wasn’t complaining about my 1080 resolution and neither will you.


If you play competitively, I would recommend you getting a 144hz monitor. But for the rest of us, 60hz gets the job done. This monitor goes a little further and gives you an extra 15hz.

Why is hertz (hz) important?

Hz is the number of times your monitor can refresh its frames per second. For example, a 60hz monitor will display up to 60frames per second, a 144hz monitor will display up to 144 frames per second. The higher the better. 

4 year replacement in the United States

Are you worried about the monitor breaking down on you and have to dish-out another expense? Well if you live in the US, you get 4 years cover. So if this monitor stops working within 4 years, you can just get a replacement.

Stylish design

One of the reasons I love this monitor is because of its minimal look. It’s stylish, modern, and the bezels are basically non-existent. So if you’re looking for a sexy monitor to add to your setup, then look no further.


I  was surprised at the price. This monitor has Freesync which is generally expensive. You’ll be pleased to know you won’t be going broke trying to buy this monitor.

What others have to say…

Reviewers have been saying this monitor is absolute value for a monitor. It comes with all the features you need at a very affordable price. The warranty gives you some relief knowing that you’ll have a working monitor for years. Overall, this is a solid monitor.



Response time5ms
TechnologyAMD Freesync
ConnectivityHDMI, DVI-D, VGA, 3.5mm HDMI audio out
Panel size22inch

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