The Best Prebuilt Gaming PC for Beginners [2020]

Are you looking for the best prebuilt gaming PC for beginners?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over.


We’ll be covering different PCs for different types of gamers. There’s something here for everyone.

Best Overall iBuyer Pro
    Budget SkyTech Archangel
      4K CUK
        Cheap Alarco

          Best Overall Gaming PC for Beginners

          Check Price of the iBuyer Pro

          Out of all the computers on this list, this PC is the best overall. It’s able to play games maxed out whilst maintaining a smooth frame rate. It comes in at a solid price for the components you’re getting.

          RTX 2060 6GB

          The RTX 2060 is a fantastic GPU which is able to handle any game out there…

          Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on ultra settings at 1080p gets an average frame rate of 75fps. At 1440p it averages 62fps.

          Crysis 3 on max settings at 1080p gets an average frame rate of 107fps. And an average of 71fps at 1440p.

          Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets an average fps of 72 on the highest settings at 1080p. And averages 53 fps on 1440p

          The Witcher 3 on ultra settings with hair works off at 1080p gets an average of 118fps. And an average of 80fps at 1440p. [1]

          CS Go maxed out at 1080p and got an average of 245fps.

          Overwatch maxed out at 1080p gets an average of 119fps.

          Fortnite maxed out gets an average of 131fps.

          PUBG maxed out gets an average of 117fps. [2]

          As you can see, this graphics card does a fantastic job at handling gates at 1080p. And even does a great job when you bump the resolution to 1440p.

          It will last you for many years and you have the option to upgrade your monitor to 1440p.

          Or you can just game at 1080p and leave that extra power as a buffer for future titles that demand more power. You’re kinda futureproofing your system this way.

          It has 6GB of video memory which is a sufficient amount to keep textured maxed out and even game at 1440p.

          AMD Ryzen 5 3600

          The Ryzen 5 3600 is a 6 core CPU with a processing speed of 3.6GHz. It’s able to handle any game you throw at it and work straight through it with its incredible processing power.

          You’ll also be able to do other intense tasks with it such as live streaming, video editing, and rendering.

          16GB DDR4 RAM

          Games these days can eat up to 16GB of RAM. They’re pretty hungry for memory and that’s exactly what this PC will throw at the intense games.

          It has 16GB of DDR4 RAM which is plenty. Allowing you to game without experiencing any lag spikes.

          240GB SSD, 1TB HDD

          The windows 10 operating system is stored on a 240GB SSD. Allowing you to easily navigate your computer at lightning speeds. The boot times are next to nothing, so there’s no awkward waiting around for Windows to load.

          There’s also space for you to store other stuff on the SSD. Also, there’s a 1TB hard drive for you to store lots of games.

          Top magnetic dust filter

          The top of the PC has a convenient dust filter that is magnetic. So when it inevitably gets filled with dust you don’t need any screws to remove it. Making it very easy to clean.

          Tempered glass

          There’s a side panel made from tempered glass. Allowing you to view your components in all their glory. Something that will dazzle you and make you and your friends stare.


          You get a 1 year warranty with the manufacturer. So if anything goes wrong, you can easily get it fixed.

          Are you ready to jump into PC gaming for an INSANE gaming experience?

          Budget Gaming PC

          Check Price of the SkyTech Archangel

          This PC is for those who are on a strict budget but still want a solid gaming PC. No worries, we’ve got you covered…

          GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

          The GTX 1050 Ti is a great GPU for those on a budget…

          Crysis 3 on max settings at 1080p gets an average of 45fps.

          The Witcher 3 on ultra settings with hairs works off at 1080p gets an average of 39fps. [3]

          GTA V on max settings 1080p gets an average of 41fps.

          Overwatch on ultra settings 1080p gets an average of 44fps.

          Fortnite on max settings 1080p gets an average of 54fps.

          PUBG on max settings 1080p gets an average of 43fps. [4]

          As you can see, even in graphically demanding titles and popular competitive games…

          …this graphics card can still output 30+ frames on average at max settings. It’s a small GPU but packs a punch.

          Ryzen 1200

          The AMD Ryzen 1200 is a quad core CPU. I remember the days when games could only use a maximum of 4 cores. Ah, good time… anyways… Do you remember what I said in the beginning of this post?

          ‘Course you do. I said, just because a processor has lots of cores and Gigahertz does not make it better. You need to look at the benchmarks to see how powerful it is in reality.

          You’ll be pleased to know the Ryzen 1200 is a great processor when it comes to gaming. It can handle any game you throw at it.

          Sure, it goes to its limits but you won’t notice any lag spikes. It’s small but still performs like a champ. You won’t be disappointed.

          8GB DDR4 RAM

          8GB of RAM is the minimum for top titles these days. So when you get the chance, make sure to get another 8GB stick of RAM and slot that bad boy right in.

          Don’t get me wrong, your games won’t be lagging because of this, but your rig will get more frames by adding another 8GB. It’d be easier to multitask when playing demanding titles.

          1TB HDD

          It sucks that there’s no SSD in this rig, but what did you expect from a budget gaming PC. You can always upgrade in the future.

          You’ll be pleased to know this hard drive operates at 7200rpm. Which means it’s faster than the average hard drive.

          80 Plus Certified 500 Watt Power Supply

          This epic PC is powered by an 80 plus certified 500 watt power supply. Making sure it does not short circuit and damage your components. Also, 500 watts is plenty to power this rig.


          For a budget PC, this build looks solid. The cables are well managed, there’s a side panel window, and even a couple of LEDs to make the system POP. You’re getting a lot for your money.


          There’s a 1 year warranty. So you can rest easy knowing you can return this if anything goes wrong.

          Are you ready to jump into PC gaming without breaking the bank?

          4K Gaming PC

          Check Price of the CUK

          Are you looking for the ultimate gaming experience and are able to spend more than the average person on a gaming PC?

          Then you’re going to fall in love with this PC…

          RTX 2080 Ti 11GB

          The RTX 2080 Ti is a beast when it comes to gaming. It’s one of the most powerful 4K graphics cards on the market today…

          Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on ultra settings gets an average of 65fps.

          Crysis 3 on max settings gets an average of 73fps.

          Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets an average of 55fps.

          The Witcher 3 on ultra settings with hair works off gets an average of 76fps. [5]

          As you can see, this graphics card chews threw any game out there. All these games were benchmarked at 4K. You’ll be getting a gamer-gasm.

          Intel Core i9-9900KF

          The Intel Core i9-9900KF is one of the most powerful processors on the market today. It’s an 8 core processor with a monstrous speed of 5.0GHz. It handles any game you can throw at it with ease.

          You’ll also be able to do other tasks with ease such as live streaming and rendering your videos. It’s one Hell of a processor. You can’t go wrong with it.

          32GB RAM

          32GB of RAM is more than enough for gaming. You can play games and have a bunch of applications open without an issue.

          32GB of RAM is also great if you plan on editing and rendering videos. Since video editing is very RAM intensive.

          1TB SSD + 2TB HDD

          The entire Windows 10 operating system is stored on an SSD. You’ll also be able to install your most played games on this SSD for super quick load times.

          And there’s a 2TB hard drive for you to put your entire gaming library on.

          Liquid cooled

          The CPU is liquid cooled. Making sure it’s running cool even in intensive tasks such as gaming and rendering. The liquid cooling will also allow you to overclock the CPU incredibly well.

          Increasing performance even further. There are also a bunch of fans pulling in cool air and expelling hot air.

          750W Gold PSU

          This entire system is powered by a gold certified power supply. Meaning you won’t get a better rated power supply than this. Giving you plenty of juice and safety for your system.


          This system looks absolutely stunning. It’s entirely black except for the big fans which stand out because they light up multi colored. There’s also a side panel window to see your components.

          3 year warranty

          You get a whopping 3 year warranty. That’s plenty of time to make sure nothing goes wrong. And if something does go wrong, you can get it fixed.

          There’s even a free gaming mouse and keyboard thrown in. They’re solid peripherals that will improve your games.

          Are you ready for the greatest gaming experience of your life?

          Cheap gaming PC

          Check Price of the Alarco

          If you’re absolutely strapped for cash, this is the cheapest option out there. It won’t be able to run demanding games but can still play popular PC titles…

          GTX 650 1GB

          The GTX 650 won’t be running the latest games, but it can still run popular titles…

          CS Go on max settings, 1080p gets an average of 81fps.

          Fortnite on medium settings 1080p gets an average of 52fps.

          PUBG on medium settings 1080p gets an average of 41fps.

          GTA V on medium settings gets an average of 39fps.

          League of Legends on max settings 1080p gets an average of 96fps.

          Overwatch on medium settings 1080p gets an average of 46fps.

          World of Warcraft on medium settings 1080p gets an average of 44fps. [6]

          As you can see, on some of the most popular games being played, you can still get a smooth frame rate at 1080p.

          Intel i5 2400

          The i5 2400 used to be one of the most popular processors out there. At one point it could handle the most intense games of its time. But it’s champion days are over now and won’t be running the latest titles.

          However, it can still hold its own in popular games we mentioned above.

          8GB RAM

          For the games we mentioned above, 8GB will be enough. Also, this is DDR3 memory so it’s pretty cheap. When you get the chance, we’d recommend another 8GB stick to give you a little boost in games.

          1TB hard drive

          There’s no SSD and there won’t be in this cheap build. The 1TB hard drive will get the job done. Even with the cheap price, they’ve included a pro version of Windows 10 as the operating system.

          3 RGB Fans

          There are 3 big fans in this system plus a CPU fan. The fans also light up different colors including a rainbow color. It keeps your system cool whilst looking good. There’s also a controller included for you to control the fans.

          Surprising looks

          For the cheap price, this PC looks surprisingly great. The PC case looks nice and there’s a nice RGB strip at the front you can customize. The fans light up and the cables are managed well. You even get a side panel you can see through.

          1 year warranty

          You get a simple 1 years parts warranty in case something goes wrong. It’s pretty simple.

          Are you now finally ready to hop into some PC games?

          What should I look for in a gaming PC as a beginner?

          Graphics card

          The graphics card (GPU) will be the most important part of your gaming PC. It will be taking the biggest brunt of the games you play. So make sure to pay attention to it and it’s where most of your money should be going.

          When you read a graphics card description, don’t be overwhelmed or dazzled by the technical details. It sounds all nice and fancy but what really matters is how that GPU performs in games.

          So make sure to check out the benchmarks. Benchmarks will give you a much better indication of how that component will perform in games.

          There are low tier graphics cards, mid tier graphics cards, and higher tier graphics cards.

          These graphics cards are made for different uses. As a general rule of thumb, the more a graphics card cost, the better it will perform. But that’s not always the case.

          So make sure you’re looking at comparison benchmarks. These days it’s super easy to determine which graphics card is best for you since there are lots of comparison videos out there.

          Also, what kind of games are you going to play? If you’re just going to play MOBA games like League of Legends, you don’t need a very powerful graphics card. The same goes for titles such as CS Go.

          It doesn’t take much processing power to run. But if you’re playing games from light MOBAS all the way to heavy hitting titles like The Witcher 3. You’re going to want a pretty powerful GPU.


          The processor (CPU) is another critical part of the gaming PC. It’s not going to play a more important role than the graphics card but it’s still very important.

          If you don’t care about the processor and just go with a really cheap one, your games won’t run well. And neither will the graphics card because the CPU will be holding it back.

          The processor won’t be able to keep up with the graphics card so it will tell the graphics card to slow down. You obviously don’t want this.

          With a prebuilt gaming PC, you don’t have to worry about this since the manufacturers will include the appropriate processor. Something that will compliment the GPU.

          You will need a processor that has at least 4 cores. 4 cores should be the minimum. I remember when I first got into PC gaming and 4 cores were the max that games could use. Ah, old times. Anyways, it’s 4 cores or more.


          Don’t get the idea that the more cores a processor has, the better it is. For example, AMD used to put lots of cores into their processors but a 4 core Intel chip could still outperform it.

          The same goes with Gigahertz (GHz). Just because a processor has lots of Gigahertz, does not mean it’s better. Instead, you should look at benchmarks.

          How well does that processor actually perform in games? Don’t fall for all the marketing tactics companies come out with.

          Should I go with Intel or AMD?

          It doesn’t matter. Go with the processor that performs better, regardless of the brand. So make sure you’re looking at the benchmarks.


          The system RAM is another critical component in your gaming PC. If you don’t have enough, your game won’t perform well. For example, if you have 4GB of RAM, games will be unplayable.

          You will need at least 4GB of RAM and games currently use a max of 16GB. I would recommend 16GB but if you can’t afford it, 8GB will get you by without causing lag spikes. And you will be able to upgrade at a later date.

          So the graphics card, processor, and RAM are the 3 most important components in a gaming PC. And in that order as well…

          1. Graphics card
          2. Processor
          3. RAM

          The majority of your budget should be spent on the graphics card, then the processor, and then the RAM.

          I remember when a hard drive (HDD) was the go to storage for a gaming PC and it still is.


          You’re going to want to consider a solid state drive (SSD).

          What’s an SSD?

          An SSD is another way to store things on your computer. The average SSD is 7x faster than the average hard drive. I think it’s even faster than that. So there’s clearly a massive difference in speed.

          Your PC will boot super fast, games will have much lower loading wait times, and general computing tasks will be much snappier. An SSD makes for a smoother experience.

          So why aren’t SSDs more mainstream?

          Because you can get a lot more storage in a hard drive than an SSD when it comes to costs. However, SSDs have dropped massively in price and they’re pretty common in gaming PCs today.

          One strategy that I use to keep costs down and still get super fast loading speeds is…

          …get a smaller storage SSD such as a 240GB drive. You can store your operating system on there and even some of your most played games. And you can store the rest of your games on a hard drive.

          This will decrease boot times massively and your PC experience will be a lot more pleasant. All whilst keeping costs down.


          If you’re anything like you, you’d like a good looking gaming PC. After all, a gaming PC is an important piece of your setup. It’s something that will stand out.

          So why not make it look great? One thing that will determine this is the case. There are so many out there to choose from. Make sure you get a case with a side panel. This way you can see your components.

          Also, you want a case that has cable management options. The last thing you want is a messy looking PC. It’ll completely kill the look. You don’t have to worry about this since prebuilt computers are built by experienced users.

          So your cables will be out of the way and you’ll be able to see your components better. It’s also worth getting a gaming PC with LED/RGB features. Something that will light up and really make it POP!


          So those were the best prebuilt gaming PCs for beginners.

          There’s something in here for everyone, no matter how much you can spend.

          These PCs all have a copy of Windows so you can just plug it in and play.