Saitama VS Goku Ultra Instinct [Who Would Win?]

Ultra Instinct Goku

Who would win, Saitama VS Ultra Instinct Goku?

This is a question that fanboys and fangirls have been asking each other ever since Dragon Ball Super episode 109.

Ultra Instinct Goku Specs

Ultra Instinct Goku

Height5'9 (175cm)

Goku was originally sent to Earth as a baby to destroy it. He accidentally forgot about his original mission and instead eventually became Earth’s protector.

Goku or “Kakarot” as he was originally named does and thinks about nothing but fighting. Also, food.

He progressed extremely fast in his physical strength and of course, that’s because of the Saiyan blood which flows within him. But let’s not forget about his hard work and fighting obsession.

As Goku got older the foes that he faced were much stronger. Fighting his now best friend “Vegeta” in an epic battle. Having to deal with Vegeta’s intense power and ape form.

Next, going on to fight “Lord Frieza!” A tyrant with an enormous power level, to many fans this was the best enemy in the entire Dragon Ball Universe. Because it’ what sparked the pure heart of a Super Saiyan into existence.

After that battle which had us screaming at our TV screen, we had the legendary Super Saiyan “Broly“.

Finally, we bump into the long-awaited Androids. Human-like robots that feel no remorse and simply want to kill, there were many of these Androids.


…there’s a specific Android enemy we’re talking about here and that’s “Cell“. Cell is an Android that was able to take specific abilities and techniques of the Z fighters.

After Cell was defeated not by Goku but at the hands of his son “Gohan“, Goku carried on fighting stronger characters. Such as

Lord Beerus the God of Destruction“.

Training with “Whis“, an Angel that accompanies a God of destruction.

Goku VS Beerus

After going through fighter after fighter, Goku runs into “Jiren“, an insanely powerful foe. Jiren even surpasses some Gods of destruction and even time itself.

While fighting Jiren, Goku manages to tap into a whole new power called “Ultra Instinct“.  An insane type of power which would take a God of destruction, a very long time to master.

Goku tapped into this power whiles only in his 40s.

This Alarms the Gods of destruction and even causes some jealousy.

Goku manages to just about master ultra instinct and defeats Jiren.

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A common pattern which constantly occurs in Goku is he’s always breaking out of his shell.

He’s constantly growing and improving. The rivalry with Vegeta helps this growth as well. None of them wants to be left behind.

Goku being only 40 and other characters like hit and the Gods being thousand of years older…

…Goku isn’ that far behind the strongest characters in his universe. (except from the Omni King)

Power and abilities

Ultra Strength
Ultra Speed
Ki Blast
Spirit Bomb
Instant Transmission
WeaknessUltra instinct form is temporary

Saitama Specs

one punch man

Height5'9 (175cm)

Saitama is an unusual specimen that we still don’t fully understand.

His power is hmm, how do I put it? INSANE!

WARNING: Don’t F**K With Saitama.

This man will leave you in the form of a smudge in the middle of the road with one punch. Look at what he did to the “Beast King“.

saitama vs beast king
Saitama left the beast king looking like a smudge in the middle of the road.

Saitama has fought extremely strong foes but none of them have injured him in any way. The only damage a foe has done to Saitama in the world of One Punch Man

…is providing him with extreme boredom and making him lose hope in ever finding a worthy opponent. Saitama always has this distinct look on his face and that look expresses boredom.

Even when fighting the strongest of villains in the universe.

Once Saitama fought an enemy which the original designers intended it to represent a Super Saiyan (Goku). That enemy’s name is “Boros“, the only enemy able to survive some of Saitama’s punches.

Simply because Boros had the ability to heal rapidly. Even so, Saitama was not taking the fight against Boros seriously and allowed himself to get hit many times.


…Saitama very briefly got serious and gave Boros a “Serious Punch“, this resulted in him killing Boros.

Saitama VS Boros:

NOTE: Saitama is a joke character and is not meant to be taken seriously.

Power and abilities

Strength is considered unlimited
Speed is considered unlimited
Supernatural Senses
Serious Punch
Consecutive normal punches
Serious Side Hops
Serious Table Flip


Saitama VS Ultra Instinct Goku is an unfair comparison and argument. The Dragon Ball series intended to build up their characters over time.


…it’s not the same story with One Punch Man. Saitama is a joke character and a breath of fresh air in the anime industry. He is meant to go against the grain and simply have fun.

Don’t take him too seriously. (Even with this said, hardcore Goku fans are still going to get butthurt)

If you are butthurt, please follow this man…


Goku has trained intensely for years. Going to planets with heavy gravity, training with Angels and fighting Gods. A slow and mature way to build up the main character.

Saitama is the exact opposite, sure he trained hard for a human in our reality. But his training is nothing compared to other characters in the anime world.

The facts are Goku’s power is limited and Saitama’s power shows no bottom.

If Saitama hit Goku, he’s most likely explode from the impact. Unless he had an incredible healing ability which would only delay the inevitable conclusion.

Even the creators had Saitama destroy a foe intended to represent Goku. Anyone can write down an extremely powerful character that surpasses Goku, it’s not hard.

Just for the sake of it, in order to end the fan wars, I will truly conclude what it says in the title.

Saitama wins!

And I will say what I mentioned earlier in this post.

Saitama is a joke character and is not meant to be taken seriously.

one punch man goku meme
I just had to include this