11 Best Small Gaming Desks that Look Awesome!


Are you looking for the best small gaming desks?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Because in this post we’ll be going over exactly that.

If you live in a small studio apartment, these desks are geared towards you. 

Do you plan on fitting a desk in your bedroom? We’ve got you covered. How about that small room which you want to convert into an office space. 

No worries. We’ve got your back, Jack.

We’ve thoroughly researched into which desks to include in this list. Making sure we ONLY bring you the very best…

…and as a result, we’ve managed to compile a list of desks that are incredibly affordable but still retain high quality and the sturdiness a desk must have.

Let’s get straight into this…

Owen Retro
    Notebook Desk
      AmazonBasics Classic
        AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk
          Convenience Concepts
              Small Glass
                Techni Mobili
                    White Desk with File Drawer
                      Small girly desk

                        1. Owen Retro Desk with Metal Legs

                        Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Desk

                        Check Price of the Owen Retro

                        This desk is as small as you can get. 

                        You’ll just about fit your monitor and mouse and keyboard on there with a little bit of room to spare for comfortability.

                        One of the things which shocked me was how sturdy this desk was. 


                        Because this desk is super cheap but still has high quality steel legs to support the nice oak wood at the top.

                        This desk is affordable, sturdy, and very compact. What more do you want?

                        2. Notebook Desk
                        Writing Computer Desk

                        Check Price of the Notebook Desk

                        This may be the most beautifully compact desk on the list. You can easily assemble this desk. There’s just one step…

                        …simply open up the black frame and snap the table top into place. 

                        That’s literally it. When you’re not using it you can simply fold it to save some more space. 

                        The wooden table top gives this a nice rustic feel. It really brings your gaming setup to life. 

                        It’s perfect if you live in a small studio apartment or just want a minimalistic style desk.

                        You’ll be able to fit your monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a few other accessories with ease. 

                        It’s fantastic for those on a tight budget.

                        Some people have purchased a few of these desks for their arts and crafts setup because of how sturdy it is.

                        3. AmazonBasics Classic Computer Desk With Shelves
                        AmazonBasics Classic Computer Desk

                        Check Price of the AmazonBasics Classic

                        This desk is for those who want a compact desk with a bit more storage options.

                        If you’ve got things blocking you on your left or right side, you’ll be pleased to know these shelves can be assembled on either side. 

                        It comes in 3 colors:

                        1. White
                        2. Brown
                        3. Espresso.

                        The wooden top is sturdy and is reinforced with steel legs. 

                        Combining both aesthetics and durability.

                        No tools are required when assembling this desk. So you’ll be up and running in no time.

                        It’s a tiny desk but still gives you enough space to place your monitor as well as your peripherals.

                        This desk leaves a tiny footprint and the price tag is appropriate for what you’re getting.

                        4. AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk
                        AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk

                        Check Price of the AmazonBasics Gaming

                        If you’re super serious about having the best gaming desk setup and have a little bit of room, we’d recommend this desk…

                        …there are designated areas for your monitor, speakers, headset, and even your drink.

                        It’s sturdy and will be able to hold your items very easily. 

                        There’s also a shelf underneath where you can store accessories and use as a charging station.

                        This desk comes in 3 colors:

                        1. Red
                        2. Black
                        3. Blue

                        It’s worth noting that the colors only change by a few stripes.

                        With all these features, you may be thinking it’s going to be really expensive. Well you’ll be pleased to know it’s still super affordable!

                        5. Convenience Concepts Desk
                        Convenience Concepts

                        Check Price of the Convenience Concepts

                        Still looking for a compact desk with more storage options? We think you’ll like this one…

                        …there are 4 shelves and one more storage space for you to place your accessories. 

                        It’s framed by steel so it won’t collapse on you.

                        This comes in 11 colors:

                        1. Black
                        2. Blue
                        3. Cherry
                        4. Espresso
                        5. Faux Birch
                        6. Gray
                        7. Ice White
                        8. Light Oak
                        9. Pink
                        10. Charcoal Grey
                        11. White

                        It’s super easy to assemble. 

                        There’s a little video on the sales page which shows you exactly how to quickly assemble this desk step by step.

                        So if you’re looking for lots of storage space whilst maintaining a small footprint, we’d highly recommend you check this out.

                        6. Leick Corner Computer Desk
                        Leick Corner Computer

                        Check Price of the Leick

                        Want to kick-it old school? Then why not go with this classic high quality corner desk?

                        If you want a more mature looking setup whilst keeping it compact, you’re not going to find a better desk than this.

                        This is made from hardwood

                        Meaning it’s going to last for many years to come. This also has a hand applied oak finish, giving it a more unique and quality feel.

                        There’s a drawer which you can pull out and the front lid drops down so you can use your mouse and keyboard within it.

                        Also, this desk includes grommets. Allowing you to run cables through it, keeping your cable management under control.

                        There is a lower shelf where you can place your computer tower or a printer if you’d like. 

                        This comes in 6 colors:

                        • Black
                        • Burnished Oak
                        • Chocolate Oak
                        • Dark Oak Iron (My fave)
                        • Mission Oak
                        • Smoke grey

                        So if you’re looking for a classic, mature, hand finished desk, we’d highly recommend this.

                        7. Small Glass desk

                        bonVIVO Home Office Writing Desk
                        Check Price of the Small Glass

                        Looking for a glass desk? Then we would consider purchasing this.

                        There’s plenty of room on top for a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a few other items. 

                        But what we really love about this is the space beneath the glass to store items.

                        The glass is shatterproof so you don’t have to worry about it being flimsy. Of course, don’t start hitting the glass to test if it breaks -_-.

                        It has wooden bamboo legs which helps keep the desk sturdy and stops it from collapsing. 

                        If you’re going for a minimalist setup, this is a must have. The glass reflects the lights nicely and it helps brighten your room up. 

                        Giving a more uplifting vibe to your setup.

                        This desk is modern, sexy, leaves plenty of space, sturdy, and affordable.

                        8. Techni Mobili Modern Desk

                        Techni Mobili Modern Office Desk

                        Check Price of the Techni Mobili

                        So this isn’t exactly a small desk but if you’ve got some extra room, we’d highly recommend it.

                        If you want to mount multiple desks, this has a large surface area. 

                        You could easily fit 3 monitors on here.

                        There are 2 drawers and 1 big cabinet. Giving you plenty of storage space. I don’t know about you but I love the grey color. 

                        It gives you a sleek, modern, and stylish look.

                        But that’s not all. 

                        The creators behind this desk are so confident you’ll love this, they’re giving you a 5 year warranty.

                        9. IRONCK Small Desk Computer Table for Small Place

                        IRONCK Small Desk Computer Table for Small Place
                        Check Price of the IRONCK

                        This desk has a smooth and thick top. It’s supported by metal legs making sure the top is sturdy and does not wobble. 

                        It’s able to support your monitor and your accessories without toppling over.

                        This desk is compact and will fit in small spaces. It has raised corners to prevent things from falling over.

                        There are raised pieces which are basically sections. 

                        You can use these as dedicated areas to fit accessories such as headphones, controllers etc.

                        We love the industrial look to this desk, it works well in living rooms, kitchens, and pretty much any room.

                        On average it takes users 30 minutes to assemble all by themselves, thanks to the easy to follow instructions.

                        10. White Desk with File Drawer

                        White Desk with File Drawer
                        Check Price of the White Desk with File Drawer

                        This desk is in-cased in a heavy duty steel frame and is powder coated silver to prevent rusting. 

                        This small desk is able to hold up multiple monitors without the issue of the desk creaking.

                        You get 2 storage draws and one big cabinet to store accessories, files, and of course, snacks. 

                        You can place the draws on either the left or right side.

                        There’s enough space for multiple monitors and accessories without an issue.

                        We love the crystal snow look of this desk. It looks gorgeous and will be a beautiful addition to any room.

                        11. Small girly desk
                        girly desk

                        Check Price of the Small girly desk

                        So we included this desk last on our list because we didn’t think any little girls would be reading this. 

                        But if you are, then hello there. Just kidding…

                        …this desk has a nice feminine design to it. 

                        It’s sturdy, leaves enough space for the items you want to place on there, and comes in at an affordable price.

                        You have 3 colors to choose from:

                        1. Black
                        2. White
                        3. Pink.

                        There are 5 drawers and 3 shelves, including 1 big one.

                        NOTE: This is a childrens desk and not for adults.

                        What should I look for in a small gaming desk?


                        Size is the reason you’re on this post, it may be a little obvious but we’re mentioning it anyway. 

                        You need to make sure it’s the right fit for the room you want to put it in. 

                        The last thing you want to do is find out the desk is too big and then disassemble and send it back. 

                        I don’t know about you but that’s too much of a headache for me. So make sure you measure the area you want to place the desk and check the specs. 

                        It’s also a good idea to check out pictures of the desk if you’re buying online to get a better picture.

                        Is there enough space on the surface? 

                        If you’re really strapped for space then you may want to consider a desk that has a shelf on it to place your monitor. 

                        If you do that you may also have some room left at the bottom of the shelf.


                        You need to be checking the reviews and specifications of a desk. What is it made from? 

                        Solid metal legs are a good sign. They’ll be able to hold up the top piece well. 

                        When it comes to durability and sturdiness, make sure you’re paying close attention to the desk. 

                        If you’re considering a glass desk top, check out the reviews to see if any have shattered. 

                        Overall, durability is key when choosing a desk, the last thing you want is the whole thing to topple and crush your lap.

                        Storage options

                        Need a place to store items? Then you of course need to consider storage options. 

                        We’ve made sure to pick out a few desks that are compact but leave a good amount of storage options. 

                        If you’re not a fan of the way the storage options look, you can always buy shelves and cabinets separately.


                        If you’re buying a piece of furniture, you want it to look stylish and the same goes for your desk.

                        You want it to work with the room. No one wants an eye sore that stands out but something that works well with the room. 

                        We’ve listed some desks that work well with pretty much any room but if they don’t tickle your fancy, you can always keep shopping around.


                        It’s better for you to spend a little bit more for something and have it last for a long time VS buying something cheap and have it break quickly. 

                        That’s always been our advice when recommending products. Because these are small desks and don’t take a lot of material, they don’t cost a lot. 

                        We made sure to only choose desks with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and meet the right criteria for a small gaming desk.


                        So those were the best small gaming desks we could find on the market.

                        It took a while compiling this list.

                        We included some desks and then took them out because we found some better ones. 

                        It was a big task but I hope we made it easier for you to choose the right desk for your setup.


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