5 Huge Discord Servers to Join in 2021

Are you looking for the best discord servers to join in 2021?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we have thoroughly researched all kinds of servers to bring you our top 5 choices.

There is a lot of variety in discord communities, they can be centered around gaming, anime, technology, and much more. You can find discord servers focused on almost any topic. This abundance of choices makes it difficult to decide which discord servers to join. In this article, I will be showing you my favorite communities.

1) Socialize

Socialize is a social community that is always active. As I am writing this they have hundreds of people chatting and talking in their voice channels.

Huge giveaways & events.

wolf of wall street throwing money

The owners give back to their community by holding frequent giveaways. Currently, they are giving away one year of nitro (valued at $100). These events are numerous and free!

Socialize also holds events for their community. They organize movie nights, trivia tournaments, and much more.

My top choice of the top Discord Servers to join going into 2021

I placed this community at the top of the list because it is the most active Discord server. It is annoying when you join a server to find dead chats and voice channels. When you join Socialize, there will always be people to chat with and talk to.

Join Socialize

2) Anime Soul Discord

Anime Soul is the world’s largest anime community. They are partnered with discord and are connecting thousands of anime fans.

Active Voice Channels:

Anime soul discord server channels

This community always has hundreds of users in their voice channels. You can immediately join and start discussing anime with them.

Social Groups:

You can easily join fun social groups that the server staff organize and create. These groups are an excellent way to make new friends and have great memories. These groups have events, calls, and functions as a club This original method of bringing their community together is why I placed it as the second best on my list of discord servers to join in 2021. Here are some of the groups they offer:

  • Art Squad
  • Movie Squad
  • Romance Squad
  • Japan Squad
Join Anime Soul

3) E-Girl Paradise

e-girl paradise is one of the best discord servers to join

E-Girl Paradise is a chill community with over 200,000 members. Here is a quick rundown of the things they offer:

  • Tons of Nitro Giveaways are held every week.
  • Cute Emotes and Custom Emotes. This server has some of my favorite emojis on discord.
  • Frequent events to engage the community.
  • Active and helpful staff team.

Overall this is a fun community to be in and should be on your radar for discord servers to join in 2021. They also offer amazing custom emojis:

E-girl paradise discord server emojis
Join E-Girl Paradise

4) Chillbar | Social and Anime Community

Chillbar is one of my favorite communities and I suggest joining them. This is the first server I tell friends when they want to know what discord servers to join. I know the owner personally and the staff team is nice and respectful. With nearly two hundred thousand members this server is always active with anime enthusiasts.

Chillbar is one of the best discord servers to join

Best anime and social community to join

Chillbar is a relaxed atmosphere to meet new people. One of my favorite features is their 500 custom emotes. Here is an image of them:

chill bar discord server emojis
Join Chillbar

5) Hotties (18+)

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) servers have become popular on Discord. Only join this server if you are 18+ and want access to NSFW content.

On this server, you can access and post all kinds of NSFW content. They are a massive community with 120 thousand members. They are known for being a more limitless server with few rules. You can share pictures and videos with other adults.

Join Hotties


I hope this guide helped you find some awesome communities and figure out which discord servers to join that make your 2021 better! Joining communities on discord can be hard since you need to have a custom invite. My favorite tool for finding discord servers is: discordservers.me. They have a database of millions of communities and advanced algorithms to make locating and finding discord servers to join simple and quick.

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