21 Best Vampire Anime Series to Watch [Top List]

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Are you looking for the best vampire anime shows?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’ll be going over in this post. 

We’ll be covering different types of vampire shows such as romantic vampire series, series with lots of blood, comedy, and more…

Hellsing Ultimate

If you’re sick and tired of that Twilight vampire crap and want an insanely strong vampire, this is the show for you. You follow Alucard, the strongest creature alive or… unalive… because he’s a vampire.

He fights for the English crown, he fights for Britain, and whoever opposes Britain gets slaughtered. Because you know… the whole brutal British empire thing. 

There’s a massive world war taking place and Alucard has to stop this Hitler look-alike.

Unfortunately, this Hitler wannabe has an army of zombies… and I mean there are a lot of them. It’s a bloodbath. A straight up gore festival.

So if you’re sick of those romantic vampire shows and want a fresh spin on things. Give Hellsing Ultimate a try. [1]

Vampire Hunter D

You follow D, a half human and half vampire hybrid. He’s a bounty hunter and gets a job to retrieve a girl. This girl has fallen in love with a vampire, making this bounty personal to him.

He doesn’t want them to create another vampire-human hybrid.


Because it’s extremely lonely and it’s torture. In the pursuit of this, D runs into all kinds of trouble.



Shiki is one of those anime where none of the characters have lots of powers. In fact, the vampires in this show might as well be as weak as humans.

They don’t have much strength and special abilities. There’s a plague that’s killing a lot of the villagers, but what they don’t know is that it’s not a plague.

There’s a vampire family that’s moved in. It’s a cold and sad show, there’s a tiny bit of romance (a girl has a crush on this guy). But no relationships manifest.

Shiki is a slow show so give it a few episodes to get going. You won’t regret it.

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

How can this be the best vampire anime list without mentioning Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

In this series, JoJo gets a new brother, Dio. Dio is a brutal savage, he’ll kill anyone and anything including innocent puppies for no good reason. He’s adopted by the JoJo family and taken in.

Unfortunately, JoJo is being tortured by Dio all the time. JoJo tries to tell his father but his father doesn’t listen.

Dio discovers this weird mask in the mansion, turning him into a vampire and murdering the man who adopted him (JoJo’s father). Dio’s on a killing spree and JoJo is trying to stop him.

Dio has to be one of the best villains in anime history. A must watch vampire series.

Vampire Knight

You follow a highschooler named Yuki, she was attacked one night by a vampire and rescued by Kaname Kuran, a Pureblood vampire.

She now attends Cross Academy, a boarding school divided into night and day school. And of course, the night school is just a bunch of blood sucking vampires.

The school is about trying to make the vampires co-exist with the humans but have they truly denounced their previous ways?

Blood Lad

You follow Staz, an insanely strong vampire from the Demon world. So what does Staz do with his time?

He reads manga and watches anime all day. Pretty much a full time Otaku. One day, Fuyumi follows Staz into the Demon world only to be killed.

Now Staz is on a quest to bring Fuyumi back to life.  A simple premise but a super fun show to watch.

Owari no Seraph

A virus has wiped out everyone older than 13 and vampires then decide to come out of hiding to take over the world.

You follow Yūichirō Hyakuya, he joins the Imperial Demon Army to rid the world of vampires and to avenge his friends. You see, Yūichirō was an orphan and he had orphan friends.

When they tried to escape the enslavement of vampires, many of them were killed. The vampires in this world are incredibly strong and humans have developed special weapons to fight them.

It’s a post apocalyptic world where humans and vampires are at war for who will rule the Earth.


There’s a war going on between the humans and Chiropterans. Chiropterans feed on the blood of the living and the Red Shield is a task force dedicated to slaying their vampiric foes.

One day, Saya Otonashi is attacked by a Chiropteran only to end up killing it. You see, her blood ends-up crystallizing the Chiropterans and shattering them.

Armed with her special katana, Saya embarks on a quest with her allies to rid the world of these vermin.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

If you’re into vampire anime shows, you’ve probably seen this. You follow Tanjiro, a kind-hearted young man. He heads down to the village leaving his family behind to sell some stuff.

By the time he gets back, his mother, brothers, and sisters have all been slaughtered. The only survivor is his little sister that tries to kill him because she’s now a vampire.

Tanjiro has vowed to turn her back into a human. He embarks on an incredibly tough journey to become a Demon Slayer, someone who slays demons (obviously) which also includes vampires.

It’s a brutal show but the protagonist Tanjiro really stands out. He’s someone that the creators of the show have made really unique.


Castlevania is one of those epic anime shows where all of the main characters are overpowered. Dracula’s wife was murdered and now he’s decided to kill all the humans in the world.

To accomplish this, he spawns creatures from Hell to the Earth. Every night, these creatures rain terror on the world. Trevor Belmont is aided by the magician, Sypha Belnades.

Together, they both wake up Alucard to help fight Dracula and the other vampires. This show is a gore fest and there’s a lot of messed up things going on.

Trinity Blood

If you love vampire lore, you’re going to love this show. The world’s population has increased drastically so there’s an attempt to colonize Mars. During colonization, technologies were discovered.

They injected some of this technology into the babies Seth, Cain, Abel, and Lilith (straight from the Bible). When the colonists returned to Earth, Armageddon had already taken place.

Wars are taking place and Seth, Cain, Abel, and Lilith are involved. It’s a cold and brutal tale. Painting a picture of Cain, leading the vampire army in a quest to finally rule the world


Looking for a vampire anime that’s light, funny, and will make you feel good? This one’s for you. 

Karin has lost her memories and forgotten about her family. She has no idea she’s a vampire.

She doesn’t even drink blood but actually produces so much of it that she has to get rid of it. This show has some fantastic laugh out loud moments.

Vampire Princess Miyu

You follow Miyu, the daughter of both a human being and a demon. She was born a vampire and was tasked to capture all stray demons and send them back to the darkness.

She yearns to return to the darkness herself but not until she has banished all the Shinma from Earth. It’s a very serious show, with not many jokes, and lots of dark things going on.

Black Blood Brothers

Don’t you like the whole vampires Vs humans theme?

In this show, you’ll see vampires turning against their own kind to protect the humans.

The abrupt comedic timing in this show is just the best. You’ll be laughing out loud for sure. There’s a lot of trashy fan service which can get annoying. But if you don’t mind, you’ll have a fun time with this show.

Rosario + Vampire

Tsukune is a mediocre teenager who is unable to get into any local high schools due to his terrible grades.

So as a last ditch effort, his parents enroll him into a private school. He soon realizes that it’s a school for monsters teaching them how to live with humans. And any humans found on campus are to be killed.

Tsukune befriends a beautiful vampire girl named Moka. Tsukune discovers that she transforms into a powerful vampire with a completely different personality.

It’s a romantic comedy that’s a lot of fun to watch.

Princess Resurrection

Hiro is a boy who recently moved into the village. He sees this girl Hime, Hiro saves Hime by getting her out of the way of a speeding car, getting himself killed. But to his surprise, he’s still alive.

Hime is a member of the royal family in the monster realm. Hime is caught in a war of succession among her siblings for the Monster Kingdom’s throne.

The story follows Hiro helping Hime fend off her siblings’ supernatural assassins. Yup, Hiro is killed because he saves Hime and is now forced to be her bodyguard. Overall, it’s a thrilling show to watch.

Strike the Blood

This series takes place on Itogami Island, a man-made island that has developed into a monster and demon safe zone.

You follow Kojou, a young man who has abilities that turn out to be similar to his ancestor that was a powerful legendary vampire.

Before long, Kojo is the center of attention and attracts a lot of bad attention. A highly skilled swordsman is hired to keep an eye on him. This series is action packed and makes for a great time.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina has a dream where vampires can live in peace. She manages to close a deal with the government for an island.

Paying it off with her family’s vast wealth. She soon finds how difficult it really is to have humans and vampires living side-by-side.

There are extremists on both sides Mina has to fight in order to achieve peace.


One day, Mahiru finds a black cat and decides to take care of it. To his surprise, he finds that the black cat is one of the seven vampires that represent the Seven Deadly Sins.

Mahiru accidentally forms a temporary contract with him… making him Mahiru’s vampire servant. Tsubaki, another vampire, intends to wage an all-out war against his brothers and Sister.

Mahiru decides to fight against Tsubaki and kill him. 

Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective

Nightwalker incorporates elements of the horror, a detective story, and vampire genre all into one. You follow Shido, a vampire who protects humans from other supernatural creatures.

A private investigator by day and a demon hunter by night, Shido solves murder cases caused by monsters called nightbreeds.


You follow Koyomi Araragi, a high school student who is almost human again after briefly becoming a vampire.

Several side effects such as superhuman healing abilities and enhanced vision still remain. Nevertheless, Araragi tries to live the life of a normal student.

Through this series involving demons and gods, you follow Araragi as he attempts to help those who suffer from supernatural disorders. It’s a series that you have fun with and not take too seriously.

If I didn’t persuade you, sorry. But this series is really worth a watch.


So those were the top vampire anime out there.

Every single one of these shows was handpicked and we made sure they were all entertaining and worth your time.