[VIDEO] Why does Gohan Have so much Hidden Power?

Why does Gohan Have so much Hidden Power

Ever since the good old Dragon Ball Z days we’ve all been wondering. “Why does Gohan have so much hidden power?

Well, to be honest, there is no clear answer. Gohan got that strong simply because he is… if that makes any sense.

When Gohan fought Vegeta on Earth. He showed no fear and for a child did tremendously well. Many people at the time could not touch Vegeta.

And these were grown men that have trained vigorously.

But Gohan landed some good clean shots on Vegeta. Going toe-to-toe with him.

Clearly talented for fighting and gifted with hidden power.

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Gohan VS Vegeta

Gohan also went to planet Namek and fought a monster named “Frieza“.

Frieza was the most powerful character in the universe. Or as far as we knew at the time.

In-fact Frieza was ordered by Beerus, a God of destruction to destroy Planet Vegeta. If a God was commanding Frieza then you know he must have been super strong.

Even so, Gohan went toe-to-toe with that monster as-well.

He was actually giving Frieza a tough time for a little while. Even in his final form Gohan managed to get some clean hits in.

Gohan VS Frieza

As you can see Gohan is a born fighter and was born with raw power. Well, that’s Saiyans for you.



Whiles in his teenage years Gohan increases in power tremendously in the Cell saga.

Credit: his power increased tremendously because he trained for real. And with his father Goku, another powerful character in the Dragon Ball universe.

We find out something very interesting in the Cell saga. Something both subtle and obvious at the same time. Yet we still missed noticing it.

Gohan is not a fighter!

Let me explain.

Gohan never went out fighting because he wanted to. It was because he had no other choice.

No matter who he fought, Gohan’s hand was forced into fighting.

And it was no different when fighting Cell. Cell wanted to destroy the Earth. And Goku, the Earth’s protector was not going to let that happen.

Goku and Cell fought each other but Goku failed. Cell was simply too powerful.

Even though Goku lost, he did not look worried.

gohan vs cell

Why is that?

Well, it’s because he had a plan. And that was for his teenage son to fight Cell the android.

You see, before fighting Cell, Goku and Gohan trained in the Hyperbolic time chamber.

Whiles being in there, Goku realized his son had so much potential. And was already stronger than he was even though Goku had done a lot more training.

This is what we call talent.

During the early stages of the fight, Cell was beating Gohan to a pulp.


…the tables turned when Gohan put his full heart into the fight.

Now you may be asking. “Why didn’t he put his full heart into the fight at first?”

Well, this goes back to the subtle detail I mentioned earlier.

Gohan is not a fighter.

Meaning he doesn’t go looking for fights or train to become stronger for the sake of it. He’s a light-hearted kid who just wants to be happy and have fun.

Gohan VS Cell

This is where Gohan’s power declines

After the Cell saga, Gohan stopped training and focused on studying. So many of the Z fighters eventually surpassed him.

This leads us to Dragon Ball Super.

Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and others have far surpassed Gohan in this new series.

Gohan has a wife and young child named “Pan“. Things have tremendously slowed down for Gohan.

But Gohan eventually gets back into training.


Will Gohan get stronger than the ones who surpassed him?

It’s tough to say. We can’t wait for the coming episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

I believe Gohan’s power still has a lot of potentials but it’s still hidden.

There’s no other explanation for Gohan’s hidden power. Accept from he was gifted and talented from the very beginning.

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