5 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You [Positive Effects]


So you’ve probably heard a bunch of people say gaming is bad for you.

Well in this post we’ll be going over exactly why gaming is good for you. We’ll be going over the benefits of gaming and the positive effects it has.

Let’s get straight into it…

1. Stress relief

Gaming is by far one of the best ways for you to relieve stress. Many people can vouch for this.


…you’ve been having a rough day at work. 

Your boss is saying stupid things to you that make no sense and your colleagues are incredibly stupid. 

You have a lot of work on your plate and it’s going to take a lot of elbow grease to get it done.

It’s finally time to leave your workplace and the ride home is no picnic. 

You finally get through the door and reach your bed. 

You’ve got some time on your hand to read a little bit of that book, cook a nice meal, and do whatever you want…

…You read some of that book which makes you feel like you’re progressing in life and you’ve had a nice little meal. So what do you do now?

You kick-back and play that new game whilst eating some of your favorite healthy snacks.

That’s a great way to decompress, let go, and enjoy the rest of your day. 

You’ve had one of those rough days at work but now it’s better because you can kick-back and game.

For many people, they’re dealing with a lot of issues they’re trying to solve. 

But spending a little time towards gaming is a great way to relieve tension and enjoy yourself. Overall, you feel happy.

Gaming is a way to unplug and escape. Some people consider this a negative. 

And it is IF gaming is taking over your life and you do nothing else. 

But when you take it in moderation, it’s incredibly healthy for your state of mind and wellbeing.

2. Strategy skills

There are many great games that include a lot of strategies. 

My personal favorite strategy game is Civilization 5

It’s a game where you build your own empire and you’re trying to compete against the rest of the world leaders. 

You can win the game in so many ways such as warfare (most fun), scientific advancements, and cultural advancements. 

Even if you’re not playing games 100% geared towards strategy but things like first person shooters…

…there’s still a lot of strategy in them. Sure, you get those people running and gunning but you can take a more tactical approach. 

Your strategy might be to learn to maps and where the best positions are, choke points, and learning which guns are best for certain maps.

You can sink your teeth into a game and get a lot of strategic value from it. Actually thinking when you play and not feeling brain dead.

3. Learn something new

It surprises me how many people, including gamers, don’t realize how much a game can make you think when you just pay attention to the dialogue and environment. 

I remember playing Bioshock Infinite and it had a lot philosophical elements to it.

I remember the main character asked, “For God to be merciful, then doesn’t he have to rely on a sinner?”. 

This was a great question and made me think for days.

My conclusion was that an attribute of a God is being all-knowing.

So if someone does commit a sin, he already knows before if they would be forgiven. Therefore, he does not rely on a sinner or anything.

You get so many thought proving questions like this in video games. It exercises your mind and broadens your thinking.

If we’re talking about learning something new outside of the actual game, it could be something like programming. 

If you’re playing on PC, you may learn how to build a computer. 

And with PC gaming, you could create your own mods that require programming. 

You can learn a lot of technical things when it comes to gaming.

4. Meet people around the world

When you’re gaming online, you get put into games where the other person is on the other side of the world to you. 

Now, because it’s the video game world, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have a fruitful discussion.

But if you really want to play with other people around the world, you can easily post in a steam forum and ask if anyone wants to game with you. 

I’ve personally done this and have managed to game with different people whilst chatting with them via a headset. 

We just chatted about video games and life.

Now, chatting with someone online is very different than in-person. 

It’s not as real but it doesn’ take away from the fact you’re talking with people from all types of backgrounds. 

Personally I’ve chatted and gaming with people from Italy, France, America, Germany, and the list goes on.

5. Activity to do with friends and family

having fun playing games with girlfriend

If your son loves gaming and you want to get closer to him, playing video games with him is a great way to do so. 

Why don’t people make more of an effort to play video games with their kids? After all, they always on them so why not get involved?

Personally, I’ve spent many hours playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 with my friends and it was a blast. We all had so much fun.

Playing on teams and trying to get the winning kill to see the kill-cam.


So those were the reason why gaming is good for you and the benefits it has.

We hear a lot of negative press on gaming but we wanted to shine a positive light on it.

Sure, gaming has its negatives. 

This is when it takes over your entire life and just eats, sleeps, and breathes gaming. 

It should have moderation to it. Those happy gaming sessions can make you feel like crap if you end-up gaming all day.


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