11 TRUE Reasons Why PC Gaming is Bad [PC Gaming is Overrated]

PC gamers tend to go on about how great it is. They make it out to be some kind of wonderland.

Well as someone who’s been a PC gamer for many years now, I can safely tell you that’s nonsense.

There are so many issues you face with PC gaming, it makes me want to smash my monitor and throw the PC out the window.

In this post, we’ll be going over why PC gaming is bad.

Why people hate it, sick of it, and why they left it.

I personally will be gaming on PC for the rest of my life most likely but I’m going to be showing you the downfalls. 

Some incredibly annoying ones that make you want to pull your hair out and smack a baby in the face.

Now, after you’ve read this, you can check out my post on why PC gaming is good.

1. Compatibility


This may be the biggest issue with PC gaming. There are so many different graphics cards, processors, and other types of PC parts out there. 

It becomes difficult for developers to optimize for them all. 

And some can’t even be bothered to optimize for PC, games like Batman Arkham Knight and Mass Effect Andromeda fall under this category. 

I believe they’re fixed now. However, when I get a new game and want to play it, the last thing I want is a damn crash. 

There are an infinite amount of reasons why your game will crash and it’s not always easy to fix. You have to go online and do your research. 

Not to mention, there are a bunch of in-game options that could be the thing crashing your game. 

Who knows? 

The last thing you want when you’ve come home from a hard day’s work is for your game to crash on you. 

I mean… you’re exhausted and you’ve worked your ass off. You just want to play a good game but no… 

…instead, you need to do a bunch of research on forums and figure out why your game is crashing.

You see a lot of console gamers complain about a day 1 patch. Well at least you can play the damn game.

This video sums everything up:

2. Software issues


This reason is also similar to the compatibility issue. you don’t know if your Windows software is interfering with your game. 

One of the most annoying things you’re going to find when your gaming on PC is something updating in the background while playing a game. 

This is going to absolutely kill the performance and cause a bunch of lag. 

I almost felt like quitting PC gaming and just throwing my gaming machine out the  window.

Again you don’t know what’s causing this issue. You don’t know if the issue is something that is updating in the background and you’re trying to figure out what software it is. 

It could be anything that’s interfering with your game.

So even if the game is optimized for your PC components, the software you have on your PC could be causing the game to lag, minimize the game and crash.

3. Not many AAA exclusives

god of war ps4

I see a lot of PC gamers brag about there being lots of exclusives on the PC. 

And there are some good exclusives like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. However, consoles have a lot more AAA exclusives. 

Consoles have a lot more blockbuster exclusives such as Spider-Man, God of War, Uncharted, Halo (which might be on the PC now but after so many years), and the list goes on.

So if you want to play these big blockbuster games, guess what? They’re not going to be coming to your PC anytime soon.

In fact, the reason why I got a PS4 was simply to play God of War and the Spider-Man game.

4. Uncomfortable

back pain figure

What almost made me want to quit PC gaming was how you have to be attached to a desk. 

You always have to be playing at a desk. 

Now some of you may be thinking, “hey you can just get a lap desk and game on your couch and have the PC connected to your television.” well it’s not as simple as that…

… for example, if you live with others in the house such as your family or roommates, they may want to be watching the TV. 

Also if you are in the living room there’s a good chance there’s going to be a lot of noise. And I don’t know about you but I love to game when I’m on my own.

Also, you may not have enough room or even the budget to spend on a TV and couch in your room.

Now let’s say you do have the room and option to be gaming from the couch and on your TV. 

Well the setup can be a real pain. Do you really want to be moving the entire gaming setup from your desk all the way to your living room? 

And then there’s a bunch of wires everywhere. You have to get a lap desk if you want to game via the mouse and keyboard…

… and after, you need to pack it all away which could be another nuisance.

Gaming from your desk, you’re obviously going to be using a chair. Well that chair can really hurt your back. And I’m talking really, really hurt your back. 

I’ve personally had back problems and had to go to the chiropractor because I’ve been sitting down all the time. Sitting down all the time isn’t good for you. 

And you’re probably thinking well you’re going to be sitting down when gaming on your console. 

Well if your gaming console, most likely you’re going to be sitting on the couch. And that’s a lot better than a gaming or office chair.

5. Failing PC

Now if you’ve Owned an Xbox 360 or even the current generation of consoles you may have had it die on you. Well, guess what? 

It gets a lot worse on your gaming PC. the parts in your PC are a lot more likely to die on you from my experience. 

I’ve personally had to fix a lot of issues inside my PC. And most likely you will too. 

There’s just a lot of tinkering around and if you can’t deal with that type of stuff then you probably shouldn’t be gaming on PC.

I’ve personally had hard drives that sounded really loud and that’s because the hard drive was about to die. I’ve also had motherboards and ram sticks fail on me. 

That’s just the way it goes with PC gaming. It’s only a matter of time before you run into this and start pulling your hair out.

6. Not as many people online

gaming online

Let’s say you’ve purchased a game like Mortal Kombat, Injustice, or even Naruto. 

Even, when these games were first released, there were hardly any people playing them online after a couple of weeks. 

It was incredibly hard to find a server with other people playing it. 

So if you like to play these kinds of games for the online experience, you should probably get them for your console instead.

7. Paying too much attention to performance


So you have probably been watching a lot of PC gaming related footage. I bet a lot of it was on different types of graphics cards and how well they perform in game. 

I’m talking about FPS (frames per second) here. One of the things I did when I first started PC gaming was have my FPS counter visible when gaming. 

So instead of enjoying the game, I was looking at the FPS counter. I’m trying to spot any stutters. 

It started to drive me insane and sure it was my fault but still, it’s one of the negatives of PC gaming. 

You spend all this time researching and buying parts and then building it… and then you’re looking at how well it performs and games. 

And you’re always looking for that sweet 60fps Mark.

8. Launchers

steam logo

You can purchase PC games from a bunch of places. This includes Steam, Origin, GOG, even Discord, and the list goes on. 

Well, guess what? In order to play these games, you’re going to need to launch them from a separate place. 

For example, Steam has its own launcher and Gog has its own launcher. 

They are their own platform. Oh and this also includes trophies. So if you enjoy collecting trophies, guess what? 

They’re not going to show up in one place. for example, if you buy The Witcher 3 on Gog like I did, and start collecting trophies… 

…those trophies aren’t going to show up on steam where most of your friends are.

9. Hard to justify collector items

bioshock infinite collector's edition

I remember when Fallout 4 was being released and my friend was about to purchase the collector’s edition on PC. 

I found it very difficult to justify that purchase since he could buy the downloadable game on PC. 

So instead, the creators should’ve had an option where you could exclude the physical game and buy the collector’s items instead. 

But this doesn’t really happen much, making it hard to justify that kind of purchase. 

Now I know this is a completely personal preference, but for me, and a lot of other PC gamers out there, they don’t like this.

10. Better components don’t always give a major boost in graphics

RX480 Card

A lot of the time when I have a game on ultra settings on my PC and take a look at it on consoles… it doesn’t always look that good in comparison. 

Of course, there are exceptions like the Witcher 3 or if you’re modding Skyrim graphically. However, I think the whole PC gaming having better graphics is blown out of proportion.

And the graphical upgrades aren’t always that great. For example, when I was playing the Witcher 3, I had everything to the max setting except for one thing, the hair effects. 

When I turned the hair effect on, my frame rate took a giant hit. And the hair effects weren’t anything great. 

When I turned it off, I didn’t notice a difference. I saw some people build rigs completely dedicated to maxing that game but it’s not worth it in my opinion. 

At that time, my graphics card was an RX 480 8gb edition. I loved the thing, came in at a good price and was a beast at gaming. 

But it just wasn’t able to completely max The Witcher. 

If I decided I want ed to completely max the game, then I would have had to spend approximately $600+ for a new GPU. 

That just wasn’t worth it for me.

PC gamers tend to forget that graphics do not make a game. 

Sure, graphics can make a significant difference but if the content is crap, then it’s going to suck. 

I’m not looking to go on a walking simulator or watch a movie… 

I want to get stuck in a good game. The graphics aren’t everything. And if the game does have amazing graphics, then that’s the icing on the cake. 

The Witcher 3 is a perfect example.

11. Buying games that you only spend 0 – 2 hours on

steam library

What I love about PC gaming is how you can get good games for dirt cheap, I love it!

However, we often get trigger happy on Steam and G2A, spending a little amount of money which eventually amounts to a lot. 

We end up never playing these games or only putting in a couple of hours. 

What was the point? I’m guilty of this crap. And when we do finally sit down to play that game, we’re often just thinking of playing that other game we bought. 

I will say this can be a good problem to have. It’s still kinda annoying to have though.


So those were the exact reasons why PC gaming is bad.

Are you triggered? Good!

Just kidding… I just wanted to show people the reality of PC gaming. It’s not as great as people say it is.


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