13 Best Must Have Xbox One Gaming Accessories

Best Must Have Xbox One Gaming Accessories

Are you looking for the best Xbox One gaming accessories?

We’ll be covering some must have extras for your Xbox setup. 

Some of this gear will be on the cheap side and some will be on the more expensive side.

Either way, we’ve got something for you.

Let’s get straight into this…

1. Portable Gaming Station

Are you looking to take your Xbox on the go? 

But there’s only one problem, what if you can’t get access to a monitor? 

Well that’s where this sweet piece of kit comes in…

Built in monitor

When you want to game, you can just flip this open and game away. 

The screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768. 

It’s not full HD and won’t give you the same details as a separate monitor but it’s still HD. 

It’ll get the job done and allow you to enjoy your game without complaining about the graphics.

Store everything you need

You’re able to store everything you need in here. 

Including your Xbox, of course, controller, and wires. So you don’t need to worry about carrying anything else.

Everything you need to get your games up and running can be stored in this case.

And speaking of the case, it’s sturdy and can take a beating. So you don’t need to worry about your console breaking.

It’s compatible with the Xbox One, One s, 360, PS4, and PS3. 

So if you want to take any of these consoles on the go, it’s easy to do.

There’s a shoulder strap and handle for easy portability. 

You won’t feel like you’re lugging around something heavy and become tired.

It’s a neat and pretty package.

Are you ready to take your console experience on the go?


Portable gaming station


2. Cooling stand

Cool your Xbox

Unfortunately, the Xbox series of consoles are known for their heating issues. 

They get really hot. You’ve spent a lot on your console, so why not extend its lifespan to keep it running smoothly. 

This stand will push cool air into your Xbox and disperse the hot air. 

You’ll be pleased to know the fans are quiet. So you won’t feel like your gaming net to a jet engine. 

And as a result of an additional fan, the internal Xbox fans won’t have to work as hard. 

Therefore preserving its lifespan.

Controller charging port

You get 2 charging stations built into this stand. The best part? 

When you place your controller in the charging port, it displays an LED. Green means it’s fully charged and red means it’s still charging. 

This is a great way to keep your setup neat and tidy. Getting rid of cable clutter. 

This charging station also comes with 2 free rechargeable battery packs.

Game storage

The designers have taken it a step further and have included storage slots. 

You can store 12 games in the stand. Which makes it super easy to reach for your most played games.

Multi compatibility

This stand is compatible with the Xbox One, 

Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. Man, Microsoft sure gave their consoles weird names. 

Anyways… this means if you have any of these, this stand will be suitable for them.

Powered by USB

You don’t have to plug this into your wall’s power socket. 

It’s power via USB. So just plug this stand into your Xbox and you’re good to go. 

This comes with a USB hub to make up for the one it’s using.

Save space

One of the reasons why people love this so much is it decreases the footprint of your console. 

Instead of your Xbox being spread out on your setup, it’s neatly organized. 

This way people know you take your gaming seriously.


Cooling stand


3. External SSD

Let’s face it, 1tb is nowhere near enough space to store your games. 

Games these days will easily take up 40gb. So if you’re downloading games and installing updates, you need an external SSD.


We went with an SSD instead of a hard drive. What’s the difference? 

The first difference is speed. It’s pretty normal to see an SSD be 7x faster than your typical hard drive. 

That’s a major boost in speed. The second difference is reliability. 

Because an SSD has no moving parts, it’s far less likely to fail. 

When you check out some of the reviews on this SSD, there are some negative ones. 

However, most people only leave reviews when they’ve had a negative experience. 

So there are some duds out there. 

But the chances of you receiving one is very low and you can easily get a refund or use the 3 year warranty.

Lots of storage

We went with the 1tb model. Of course, you can get more storage if you’d like. 

We went with the 1tb model because of the price. 

SSDs have come down massively in price but they’re still pretty expensive when compared to the hard drive. 

1tb is plenty of space for you to store those games that have long loading time like Forza and Destiny.

Drop resistant

This SSD is encased in rubber, so if you drop it, you don’t need to worry. 

There’s a low chance it’ll break. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should throw it across the room to see if it breaks. 

If you’ve got it connected to your Xbox and it suddenly falls, it probably won’t be broken.


You can very easily fit this into your pocket, that’s how small this is. 

Unlike a hard drive, an SSD is typically 2 inches long. 

You can hook this up to your Xbox and have it placed on the side so it looks neat.

3 year manufacturer warranty

The manufacturers have given you a whopping 3 year guarantee. 

So if something happens to it, you can easily get a replacement. That’s how confident these guys are in their product.


External SSD


4. Blue light filter glasses

When we game, the reason why we feel so tired, our eyes are so itchy, and get headaches is because of the blue light. 

Blue light comes from our screens and it irritates our eyes. 

So after long periods of time, blue light will cause us to feel sick. That’s why a pair of blue light filtering glasses is a must.

Blocks 90% of harmful blue light

You’ll be pleased to know these glasses block 90% of harmful blue light. 

So you can game for a long period of time with feeling dizzy and having dry eyes. 

You only get one set of eyes in your lifetime, are you going to look after them?

Low color distortion

The last thing you want to do is sacrifice graphics when you put blue light blocking glasses on.

You’ll be pleased to know the color difference is minimal and you’ll barely notice it. 

Unless you’re trying to notice the difference.


These glasses are for both males and females. 

They look stylish and you feel comfortable wearing them out and about. 

Also, these come in multiple designs.


These are suited best for people with healthy eyes. There’s no magnification. 

If there was magnification, it would be dangerous because your eyes would adjust to the magnification by becoming weaker.

1 year warranty

If you accidentally break these glasses, don’t worry. 

There’s a 1 year warranty. That’s plenty of time to get used to these.


ision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading

Blue light filter glasses


5. Headset


If you’ve read our other gaming accessory guides, you’ll know we’re always recommending HyperX headset. 


Because it’s so comfortable. HyperX has to be the industry leader when it comes to comfortability. 

The ear cups are made from a soft memory foam to prevent your ears from hurting. 

The headband is adjustable to fit any head size and padded to prevent any head pains. 

Allowing you to game for long periods of time.

Great sound

These produce a rich sound. Its bass is deep and has a thump going on. 

And the dialogue is as clear as water. 

The highs. Mids, and lows all perform perfectly to make for an immersive gaming experience.


These have an aluminum frame. 

So they won’t break even if you’re throwing them around on your setup or your bed. 

The aluminum also makes it lightweight as well as durable. 

So you can rest knowing this is money well spent and will last you for years.

Clear mic

This has one of the best mics on a gaming headset. 

It’s a noise canceling microphone so it will help block the background noise of your environment and only output your voice. 

To take it a step further, the designers have digitally enhanced the microphone to make your voice sound clearer and smoother. 

Communication online has never been so easy.


Don’t you love the sleek look this gives? 

Its black and white design gives it a more minimal look and adds more depth to your setup. 

When people lay their eyes on this beast, they know you’re serious about gaming.




6. Carrying case

Do you travel a lot and want to take your Xbox with you? 

Do you often stay at a friend’s place? 

Do you often travel from home to College? Then you’ll want a carrying case…

Lots of room

You get plenty of room to fit your console here. 

You can fit the Xbox, wires, controllers, even accessories such as headsets. 

There’s also an external zipper pocket so you can store some more items.


This is tightly woven over a reinforced shell with a padded interior. 

In other words, this is like having your Xbox inside a tank. Ok, not quite that but as close as you’re going to get. 

So if you’re going on a trip anywhere, you need to have this in a proper carrying case not an unprotected backpack.

Convenient carrying options

You can either carry this by the handle or a strap. 

I personally prefer the strap. Making it much easier for you to carry over long journeys.

3 year warranty

This comes with a massive 3 year manufacturer warranty. 

So if anything happens to this, you can easily get it fixed.


Carrying case


7. Chatpad

It’s quick

If you find yourself messaging friends or typing things into apps, a chatpad will save you lots of time. 

I remember when my whole life was centered around my PS3. I would message friends on there and watch YouTube. 

God knows how much time I spent typing. If I only had this item, I could’ve easily saved lots of time. 

So if your time is important, you’ll understand why this item is important.

QWERTY keyboard

This comes with the same QWERTY layout as a normal PC keyboard. 

So you don’t need to adjust to a new layout. You get straight into typing lighting fast.

The buttons are big enough and tactile so you won’t get anything mixed up.


The keys light up so you can easily type in the night just as easily in the day. 

No need to fidget around and find a separate source of light.

Two programmable buttons

The designers have been kind enough to allow you to program 2 keys. 

You can use these buttons to open an app, take screenshots, etc. It’s up to you.




8. Controller Cover


Let’s face it, we rage a lot when playing. And often time throws our controller or at least bangs it on your hand. 

That’s why it’s important to protect it. You’ve spent a lot of money on your controller, why not keep it safe? 

This cover is made from rubber and as a result, able to absorb damage. 

So if you’re banging this on your hand or even across the room, it adds a layer of protection. 

Saving you money in the long-run.


These have to be the best looking controller covers I’ve seen. 

The splash of color just makes it POP and stand out. 

Definitely a must if you’re looking to add some personality to your setup.

Come with thumb grips

What’s nice is the manufacturers have decided to give us multiple thumb grips. 

Each pair is of a different size. You get some small thin ones and tall thick ones.


Controller cover


9. Thumbsticks

If you’re into shooters, thumbsticks are a must buy…

Increased accuracy

Fun fact: increased height on your thumbstick increases your accuracy. 

Many people will agree to this including myself. 

At first, I thought thumbsticks were a shameless money grab type of product. 

But after my brother got a pair, I realized how great they are. 

Now I don’t play without them. This adds 9.9mm of height which isn’t an overwhelming amount but just enough.

Better grip

These are made from rubber and as a result, will restrict your thumbs from slipping. 

It’s also etched to further increase the grip.


The rubber makes it comfortable to use and it doesn’t require a lot of force for you to move around. 

Not to say these are super sensitive. It’s right in between. 

You can rest your thumbs on here comfortably and game for hours without straining your hands or wrists.




10. Skin

Why should you apply a skin to your Xbox console? 

Let’s face it, the Xbox One just looks like a big brick. It’s ugly to look at and may even bring down the overall look of your setup. 

A skin helps bring it back to life by giving it color and personality. It helps your setup pop.


The particular design we went with looks stunning. It’s a nice pattern with multiple colors. 

If you’re not a fan of this, there are other designs to choose from. 

Such as an army cam design, dollar bills, skull figure, a wooden design and more.


If you move your Xbox around, it’ll get scratches on it, eventually. 

A simple skin like this can help protect it from those minor scratches and keep it in mint condition. 

You’ve spent your hard earned money on your console, so why not pay a tiny amount of money to look after it?

Easy to install and remove

All of the necessary cutouts have been made for easy access. 

You can very easily install this within a few minutes without ripping your hair out of frustration. 

If you decide to take it off. Simply pull it from one corner and it won’t leave any residue.





11. Racing wheel

It’s hard to get into racing games, especially when you’re playing with a controller. It just feels off. 

Or maybe you do enjoy racing games on your controller but want to take it a step further. 

That’s where a racing wheel comes into place.


The wheel has a dual motor force feedback system built into it. 

Allowing it to simulate how it would feel driving on different types of terrain. 

You’ll be able to sense things like under and oversteering. It comes with pedals that are tactile and give you the same kind of feedback as your car. 

It makes for such a realistic experience that one reviewer said this saved his life. 

This person made a lane change and hit a puddle and lost control. 

Thankfully he had been using this steering wheel to play Forza and managed to drift his car back into control. Yup, it’s that good.


The wheel has a good amount of weight to it and it’s made from hand stitched leather. 

So your hands won’t ache after long hours of use. 

It fits into your hands well and allows you to steer just like the way you would a normal car.

Easy access to game controls

You get all the buttons you would on your Xbox controller as you would with this one. 

The D pad, lettered button, and triggers are all within your reach. 

So your hands won’t be leaving the wheel. That would be dangerous driving!


The wheel and pedals are made from steel. 

It’s built to last you for years whilst remaining the same amount of quality when you first took it out of the box. 

The wheel being hand stitched from leather gives you the same feel of a high quality race car.

You can easily mount this to a table or racing rig.

When would you like to take your gaming experience to the next level?


Racing wheel


12. Media remote

Do you use your Xbox as a multimedia center? 

To play your games, watch movies, and browse the web? 

Then you need to consider getting this simple Xbox media remote…

Easy to use

It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pick it up, point it at your Xbox, and use it. 

There’s nothing more to it. It’s as easy as that.

Stays on

Instead of having to turn your controller on, you can just use this. 

So if you decide you don’t want to play any games and just watch a movie… you can simply use this instead of awkwardly using your controller.

Up to 30 foot range

This has a range of 30 feet so you don’t have to worry about waving this around to get it to work. 

Ah, I remember those days.


Media remote


13. Games storage

Plenty of space

This is a 12 tier shelf that can easily be adjusted in 1 inch increments. 

Allowing you plenty of room for all your games. 

If you’re like me, you often enjoy having the physical version of a game and even some merchandise. 

It’ll look nice when you display it in your setup.


This is made from metal and the feet are adjustable to stay level on any surface. 

So it won’t fall on you even when you jump around and vibration is going through the room, shaking things up. 

When building this, there are no tools required. Just put the pieces in place like Lego and you’re good to go. 

No headache!

Minimal look

This comes in silver and black. Each color has a minimalist look to it. 

Almost fading into the background and allowing what you have on there to stand out. 

It won’t be an eyesore and will be a great addition.


Games remote


What should I look for in Xbox One accessories?


The first thing you should consider when purchasing a gaming accessory is how much of a difference is it going to make? 

If you get that cooling stand, will it make a difference? I would say yes it would.


Because the cooling stand will help preserve the life of your console and even adds other functionalities like a charging station and storage. 

What about blue light filter glass? 

I would consider that a must have accessory because it’s going to protect your precious eyes. 

How about a skin for my console? 

Well it depends… On what? If you’re trying to make your setup look better, it will definitely meet that need. 

But it won’t increase your performance. So decide exactly what you’re going after.


You’ve worked hard on creating your setup. So when buying an item, you should consider how it looks. 

Do you want a racing wheel that looks grim? No! You want something that will compliment your setup. 

So when deciding an accessory, consider if it will fit in aesthetically with your setup.


So those were the best Xbox One gaming accessories that you can get your hands on right now.

It took us a while to put this guide together because we did a lot of research to bring you the best gear.