Why Do Twitch Streamers Get Swatted?

Swatting has become a buzz word among the people of the USA.

The trend has gone too far, and now it is causing trouble for both innocent gamers and the police.

For this reason, a great number of twitch streamers are worried about their security.

But the question is: Why do twitch streamers get swatted?


Well, it is a tough question to answer, however, there are various reasons for swatting twitch streamers.

4 Major Reasons behind Swatting Twitch Streamers:


To Produce Video Footage:


Producing video footage is one of the most common reasons for swatting twitch streamers.

In fact, perpetrators aim at uploading this kind of captured videos on different video sharing websites. In other words, they want to gain popularity on various video sharing sites by making this kind of footage viral.

The majority of these perpetrators possess channels on YouTube, where they tend to upload their videos for making money. In order to make money, one has to gain a notable number of subscribers as well as views.

But without viral content, it is difficult to gain views and subscribers.

So, if we want to explain it profoundly, we come to see that viral content on video sharing sites is the main target of the perpetrators who are swatting twitch streamers.

To Prank on Others:


Pranking is a trending thing that has been spread all around.

It is a bitter truth that there is a great number of people who get entertained by pranking others.

They never think of the troubles faced by the victims of their prank. Surprisingly, this kind of people is growing rapidly all over the world though cops are taking actions against them.

Besides the purpose of getting entertainment, there might be another reason for pranking twitch streamers.

The reason is that a number of people want to get social outreach overnight. For them, pranking a streamer is the best choice since people will eagerly watch it.

In fact, the more views they get from the content, the more famous they become.

To Ruin Someone’s Channel:


Though it sounds silly, it is a common thing happening across the world. There are some people who have a kind of notorious tendency to ruin the channels of others.

In other words, they want to ruin the career of others by swatting.

But what is the exact reason behind it?

Well, there might be two major reasons behind it. First, if there prevails any previous feud between the particular twitch streamer and the swatter, he will try to take revenge by swatting on him.

It will ultimately make the twitch streamer fall into the trap of ban.

Second, ugly competition between two twitch streamers is another reason behind it.

With a view to ruining the channel of the main competitor, some twitch streamers tend to swat the owner of the channel.

To Compensate Loss:


If a Twitch streamer loses a game against another one, he might think of swatting the winner.

The reason is that he just can’t accept his loss in the game.

This kind of incident is very common in the world of Twitch streaming. Though cops are trying their best to stop this trend, a few gamers are still stepping into this illegal activity.

For this reason, the winners of different games streamed on Twitch are under a great risk of being swatted.

The losers are, in fact, kind of envious of the victory of their opponents. And they feel insulted accordingly.

That is why they want to take revenge. And swatting, according to them, is the greatest way to take revenge for this purpose.

4 Effective Tips to Avoid Unexpected Swatting:


Make a General Diary:


The first thing you can do to avoid unexpected swatting on you is to visit the local police station.

After going to the police station, file a general diary as a possible victim of swatting incidents.

Try to explain the swatting concept with historical proof to the police in case they are not aware of it.

Remove Personal Information from Your Profiles:


Our profiles on different social media help perpetrators while they are aiming at swatting us.

It is because we are not aware of our security while updating information in our profiles.

It enables criminals to collect all the necessary information if they have the intention to swat you.

So, it is highly recommended to remove personal information from your social media profiles in order to avoid swatting.

Secure Your IP Address:


The next thing you have to do to avoid swatting is to secure your IP address.

It’s because criminals can easily trace your home address through your IP address.

So, if you want to be safe from criminals, you must secure your personal devices and networks.

For this purpose, you can get in touch with VPN services. A VPN service allows you to use a unique IP from a remote server, keeping your own IP secret.

Use 2-factor Authentication:


If it is possible, you should always try to use two-factor authentication to keep your devices and online accounts safe.

While using your online accounts avoiding this significant security element, you might get attacked by hackers.

And if hackers can get your necessary information from those accounts, you will potentially be under a great threat on Twitch.


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