Top 5 Great Games for Low End PC

awesome video games

Not everyone owns the latest console, or maybe they’re stuck with a crappy PC.

Not many games will run on their system, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t brilliant games that can be played.

This is a list for the unlucky person who is stuck with an ancient PC or laptop.

5. The Banner Saga

the banner saga

An epic tactic based game revolving around Vikings, it’s unfortunate that not many gamers have played this game, whether you have a powerful system or not give it a try.

A fantastic strategy game with an amazing art style.



Trapped, the AI of the facility have gone crazy and are trying to kill you. But don’t worry about it because you have the portal gun.

The portal gun allows you to explore environments which can’t be accessed under normal circumstances.

You will be going around the environment to be challenged with tasks and puzzles to solve.

3.Elder Scrolls Morrowind

Elder Scrolls Morrowind

You are the prophecy and protector of Morrowind!

But you can forget about that and do whatever the hell you wanna do. An interactive and open world which is thriving with things to do.

Take action with side quests or maybe you just want to take in the sites. If you somehow get bored then just switch it up by installing some mods, no problem.

2.Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

So much to see and do, beautiful art, exploration and exciting, that is Stardew Valley.

There is so much to do in this game and it’s not repetitive which is an achievement in its self in this industry.

Clearing out your farm and planting crops will take a lot of your time in this game but if you get bored, go into town.

Make friends, give gifts, fight monsters, talk to shop owners, blacksmiths and even wizards.

I’m sure nearly all of us have played this game, there are streams of content and things to do.

Shoot up the city, go super fast in your sports car, eat and head to the gym also let’s not forget about the awesome story.

It’s almost impossible to fully complete this game, there’s so much to do


Just because you don’t have the latest and greatest hardware, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gaming.

You can sink an endless amount of time having fun in these games and still have more to do.

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